Why Your Content Strategy Isn’t Working

Okay. We know you need a solid content strategy to make sure your best marketing strategy works to earn you paying clients and customers.

We know what form your content will take, based on your Marketing Personality Type, (because we worked through that here).

Now we need to face the things that often keep business owners STUCK when it comes to creating and publishing content regularly.

And also why, even when you’re pumping out regular content to your audience, it doesn’t seem to be WORKING.


Here’s the deal. We can get three key things WRONG when trying to create and publish content that’ll hold us back.

These three crucial pieces of our content strategy are:

  1. TONE
  2. TOPIC

First, the tone of your content needs to match your Marketing Personality Type. Otherwise, whatever you say in your content will fall flat and has the chance of coming off as fake and salesy.

For instance, ISFJs are often exceptionally skilled at creating step-by-step educational content, while they’re less skilled at creating entertaining, story-based content. So if an ISFJ tries to create and publish story-based content that’s entertaining, it not only will feel icky to her, but it’ll also feel a bit forced with her audience.

We definitely don’t want our content to feel forced in any way.

So to help out, I share with you what your best tone will most likely be in this 1-hour, low-cost virtual training. So no sweat! We’ll figure it out together.


Secondly, the topic of your content needs to match the needs of your ideal customer. I think most of us already know this and it’s where most Content Strategy trainings start. I’m not going to take a bunch of time in this blog post to show you how to outline your content topics – I’ll save that for our webinar coming up.

But for now, take one simple step forward by jotting down 3 overarching topics your ideal customer cares to know more about from you. Just three. Keep that post-it note handy for when you jump into the 1-hour training on content strategy.


And third, as the content creators, we have to get the timing of our content creation correct.

I see so much business owners getting their tone right and their topics are so on-point, but then when they sit down to actually create content, they freeze. They find other things to do. They check their email inbox 473 times in an hour. They procrastinate. They feel crappy about the whole thing.

So obviously, it’s one thing to have a great Content Strategy. It’s a whole other thing to actually implement it consistently.

But how do you find the way that’s best for YOU to create this content?

Should you batch all your content for the month and create it all in one day?

Should you make an appointment with yourself to create content every Thursday morning and just show up and do it?

Here’s the thing – I’ve figured out one key indicator that’ll tell us what’s best for you, batching or creating a regular routine around content creation.

I’ll tell you exactly what that indicator is and what will be best for YOU in this 1-hour, low-cost online training, How to Develop a Content Strategy You’ll Actually Want to Implement.


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