Why Your Business Pitch Doesn’t Matter All That Much

By now, you’re sure you’d like to leverage others’ audiences to grow your own.

Before we dive into this month’s webinar training, though, we have to get one thing straight.

Typically when we hear about PR and Influencer Relationship opportunities, everyone wants to talk about how to PITCH the outlet that’ll get you in front of someone else’s audience.

And… the one thing that will kill this part of your marketing strategy is to focus on the pitch.

Wait, what??

If everyone’s talking about the pitch, shouldn’t you focus on it?

No. Really, no, you shouldn’t.


Because at the end of the day, you’ll be pitching actual human beings. And actual human beings care more about relationship than the words showing up in their inboxes.

Now, of course, there are some media outlets out there who require a good pitch and you’re already thinking of exceptions to this rule I’ve just told you about.


But still, focusing more on the relationship than the pitch still stands.

If you’ve built a relationship with the person you’re ultimately going to pitch, they’ll be exponentially more inclined to consider you than if you’re straight-up cold emailing people, hoping to land an interview or be published on their blog.


Yes, we live in the Digital Age of chat bots. But relationship, true relationship still wins out.

So if you’re tapping into this month to learn about how to pitch someone so you can get in front of them, you might be a little disappointed.


Now, would you like to land a podcast interview?

In this 1-hour training, I’ll going to show you exactly how to land a podcast interview WITHOUT a fake and salesy pitch. Click here to grab the training for just $29.



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Why Your Business Pitch Doesn't Matter All That Much, Blog Post by Brit Kolo of MarketingPersonalities.com