Who am I to be doing this?! Based on Personality Type

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo shows you how to apply your personality type to your unique expertise so you can finally answer that nagging question, “Who am I to be doing this?!”

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Liz Gilbert’s book, Big Magic

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Who am I to be doing this?! Episode Summary:

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast! I’m Brit Kolo and I’m here to show you how to apply your personality type to your unique expertise so you can finally answer that nagging question, “Who am I to be doing this?!

Because we’ve all asked that question, right?

You look around at what you’re building in your business and the expert you’re becoming and your Inner Critic chimes in with, “Who am I to be doing this?!

You might’ve heard this termed Imposter Syndrome. Right? That feeling that creeps in, convincing you that at some point, you’re going to be found out. People are going to realize that you don’t know as much as you think you do and they’re going to laugh and point and shame you for being wrong about something you felt so sure about at the time.



I’ve never met a human that didn’t feel this way, at least in some moments.

I definitely have. And I recently chose to come to terms with this nagging question, “Who am I to be doing this?!

Because let’s face it – I’ve said it so many times and this is not me downplaying my role as the founder of this company. It’s just simply true. I feel that Marketing Personalities was created through me, rather than by me.

It was very much like how Liz Gilbert explains creativity in Big Magic. How an idea is gifted to you and you’re given the choice to either be the one who manifests that idea into existence OR you choose to not be the one, either through inaction or deliberate release of that idea back into the cosmos.

It’s not like I was forcing myself to come up with a great, scaleable idea. It was gifted to me, specifically. I received that gift and allowed it to be created through me.

Have I lost the logic-driven Thinkers and the externally-focused Observers yet? I mean, I know my Intuitive Feelers are tracking with me, but… hey, if I’m getting too woo-woo, stick with me – we’re about to turn a tangible corner here.

So I get asked all the time in different interviews about how Marketing Personalities came to be. How’d I create this framework? Where did this come from?

And I deeply know this thing has been created through me because of who I am.

Notice I did not say this thing has been created by me through what I do.

This thing has been created through me because of who I am.

And now that I’ve experienced what that really feels like, I believe that’s where the absolute best creations come from.

Is action and doing something required? Yes, to some degree.

But I think we, as driven, growth-minded entrepreneurs, can so easily get the being and the doing twisted up and imbalanced. We want to do do do in hopes of making something work. And I just don’t know that our best creations, where our biggest impact will come from in this life, comes from doing and making.

I believe it comes from being and allowing.

In fact, I sense that most of our frustrations – entrepreneurial and otherwise – stem from this insistence on doing and making.

And if we’d just take a moment to realize who we already are and allow that to flow through us and our work… well, credit to Liz Gilbert here – Big Magic is bound to happen.

Magic. Impact. Growth. Pure, genuine, provision in this world.

But how do we find that? How do we find who we already are and allow that flow through?

The short answer to that question: Introspection.

Coming from the ENFJ, intuitive feeler, I believe introspective, self-reflection, self-awareness holds the keys to so many locks we feel stumped by right now.

You can do this through meditation, journaling, movement, art, whatever feels like natural flow for you.

But to make that more concrete, I’m going to give you very tangible exercise to do with me right now, based on your own personality type. I’m going to show you how to begin realizing who you are, naturally, without trying and doing and forcing.

And then see what Magic happens when you combine who you are to what you do.

Here’s how this is going to work.

I’m going to give you a word that is commonly associated with your specific personality type. You’ll then combine that word with your personal area of expertise.

So, for instance, the word I give to ENFJs is Individualism. Because ENFJs tend to uphold the individualistic differences among all things, not requiring any two things to be the same.

Now, in the case of my business, I combine Individualism with Marketing.

Individualism + Marketing
Individualistic Marketing
Individual Marketing
Marketing based on the individual.
No one size fits all.
Personalized marketing.
Personality marketing.
Personality type marketing.
Marketing personality types.

See how this works?

And do you see how this combining of who you are and what you do can help you finally answer that nagging question, “Who am I to be doing this?!”

Yes, let’s answer that question now.

So I’m going to run down through all 16 personality types now, giving each type a word that’s commonly associated with that type.

What's your Marketing Personality Type? Find out here!

Then it’s up to you to combine that word with your area of expertise and see what you come up with.

You might find that it finally explains why you are the one doing what you’re doing in the world. And you might also gain some clarity around how to get even more specific in your purpose. Maybe even a new idea will be sparked.

So let’s start. Get ready to jot your word down.

INTJ; Rebellion +
INTP; Innovation +
ENTJ; How to +
ENTP; Showing Both Sides +
INFJ; Advocacy +
INFP; Collaboration +
ENFJ; Individualism +
ENFP; Teaching +
ISTJ; Tradition +
ISFJ; Service +
ESTJ; Management +
ESFJ; Friendship +
ISTP; Mastery +
ISFP; Exploration +
ESTP; Social +
ESFP; Entertainment +

Okay, there’s your starting point. That one word or phase that can be combined with your area of expertise – what you do – to find your unique angle.

Now, for the person listening right now who got their word and didn’t really resonate with it, here’s what I recommend doing: pull up your personality type results from 16personalities.com and see what words and truths stick out to you. Can you find a word that resonates better for you and combine it with your expertise? I bet you can.

And that’s where your unique Magic begins.

Now, what I’d like you to do, yes, you, the one listening to this right now – is to come over to Instagram, find me @marketingpersonalities, and comment on this episode’s post. It was posted on Thursday, July 18th. Go to that post and comment simply your word and your area of expertise.

So for instance, I would comment “Individualism + Marketing.”

If you’re an INTJ Accountant, your comment might be Rebellion + Numbers.

If you’re an ENFP Fertility Doctor, your comment might be Teaching + Fertility.

Whatever your unique combination is, come comment on the Instagram post @marketingpersonalities. Let’s see what kind of Magic is sparked through this exercise we’ve just done together.

Cool? I’ll see you over on Instagram. Thanks for listening and I’ll catch you back here next week as we dive into a hot topic – Marketing for Introverts. Stay tuned!

Who Am I to Be Doing This - answer based on personality type! I know you've asked this question before (or every day of your adult life). Get an answer NOW based on your personality type, on the Marketing Personalities Podcast hosted by Brit Kolo