What You Need to Know About Content Strategy

Content Strategy – The WHAT

In plain English, a Content Strategy is a plan for how you’ll produce and publish content for your audience(s).

And let’s be clear – we’re not just talking about written content here.

Content can come in many, many forms. Here’s a basic list of the types of content we see most business publishing:

  • Written blog posts
  • Written social media captions
  • Recorded video
  • Live video
  • Recorded audio
  • Live audio


Content Strategy – The WHY

Why create all this free content?

For plenty of reasons, depending on who you are and what your marketing strategy looks like.

Here are the main reasons we create content in the first place:

  • To serve our current prospects with helpful information, moving them closer and closer to become a paying customer
  • To improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of our websites
  • To create and publish now and then package together to sell later


As you might’ve guessed, the most important thing our content can do for us, as business owners, is to move a prospect closer to becoming a paid customer.

Right? At the end of the day, any marketing effort, even those that feel really good to execute, better be leading to a sale.

AKA we’re not creating content for our health, people.

So as we dive deeper into what types of business owners could use a solid content strategy and how to create and implement one, remember the end result we’re ultimately trying to get to with our content:

A sale.

Content Strategy – The WHO

So, who needs a Content Strategy?

In short, anyone creating content. (Of course.)

But it goes deeper than that.

I see many business owners out there getting lost in trying to create content when what they’re really best at is something completely opposite of content creation.

So while your marketing strategy might need to involve a little or a lot of content, remember to outsource content creation if it doesn’t align with who you naturally are.

And on that note, different forms of content will feel better or worse to different Marketing Personality Types.

So for instance, an ESFP might find creating and publishing video content to be SO MUCH FUN, while an INFJ’s stomach turns at the thought of hitting the video record button.

Be aware of not only whether or not you need a Content Strategy to make your best marketing strategy work well, but also what format of content will feel best to you.

Here are some trends I see when it comes to the form of content you’re creating, based on Marketing Personality Type:

  • Video often feels good for ENFJs, ESFJs, and ESFPs
  • Written content often feels good for INFJs, INFPs, ISFJs, ESTJs
  • Podcasting/Audio often feels good for ENTJs, ENTPs, INFJs, ENFJs, ENFPs, ESTJs, ISFPs, and ESFPs

And if you don’t see your Marketing Personality Type listed above, you might consider outsourcing content creation.

So as we identify those trends, answer these two questions:

  1. Am I the one to be creating content for my business?
  2. If yes, what form of content might feel best for you to create and publish?


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