What if marketing could feel like playing?

What if marketing could feel like PLAYING? 

It’s possible. 

It starts with choosing to market your business in a way that naturally feels good to you. 

AND THEN 👏🏼 it’s all in how you approach whatever you’ve chosen to do. 

Because let’s be honest—I do love to write. Writing is definitely in my list of feel-good marketing activities. 

But sometimes I just don’t want to. I have an idea of something to write for you, it’s a great idea, but then I find myself sitting on the idea for a week, not writing it. 

Like, why?? It’s a great idea and I love to write. Why am I “procrastinating?” 

I don’t know about you, but more often than not for me, it’s because I’m taking the whole thing WAY TOO SERIOUSLY

I know the idea is great, so I want to “do it justice” and write “the perfect piece” and maybe even have the piece “go viral” and “get seen by thousands of people” and and and… 

And when I do that, I suck the fun right out of the whole thing. 

Sound familiar, my fellow closet perfectionists? 😉

No shame. Just a suggestion for you—when you catch yourself procrastinating on something that usually would be fun and feel good for you, try approaching that thing from a place of PLAY. 

Instead of sitting down to write the perfect piece, sit down and just play with your idea and some words for a bit. 

Instead of trying to design the perfect ad graphics, play in Canva for a while and see what happens. 

Instead of planning out the perfect script for your perfect podcast episode, play around with your idea out loud while recording. 

Instead of creating a FB ad strategy and expecting it to make you a zillionaire within 30 days, just get into FB Ads Manager and play around a bit. 

See what happens. 

Who’s craving some PLAY in their marketing right now? 🙋🏼‍♀️

PS. New around here?

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And when feel-good marketing meets flow? Get ready to have some serious fun checking things off your marketing to-do list!