Why I Use Thrivecart to Host My Online Affiliate Program

When I decided to offer a Marketing Personalities Affiliate Program, my first question was, “What digital software do I need to make my Affiliate Program happen?”

I sourced answers from my closest business friends within the mastermind group etwork and received two main suggestions: Samcart and Thrivecart*. 

I had heard about Samcart before and had even been an affiliate for someone else’s products on Samcart. I hadn’t yet used Thrivecart before. 

As I asked more questions about both of these platforms, I quickly began to realize Thrivecart to be the better option for me, above Samcart. 

Here’s why I use Thrivecart* to host my affiliate program:

  1. You pay for Thrivecart* just once to get a lifetime license. So no matter how long I use Thrivecart and no matter how much I sell on the platform, I pay once and that’s it.
  2. As your affiliates make sales for you, Thrivecart* automatically pays them their commission, based on the timing parameters you’ve set. I have my account set to pay out a commission as soon as it has been earned. You could do that, or you could set Thrivecart to pay out commissions weekly or monthly or even yearly. You have full control over the settings and then Thrivecart handles the rest.
  3. Thrivecart* isn’t just an affiliate program provider. It’s an entire online cart system that allows me to list my digital products and sell them securely 24/7. Once you have your products listed on Thrivecart, you can then create sales pages through Thrivecart OR embed your checkout section right into your own custom sales page on your website, which is what I’ve done.
  4. You don’t need to know how to optimize for conversions – Thrivecart* does that for you with their sales page templates, upsell recommendations, and other smart sales features.
  5. It’s super easy to know exactly how your sales are doing and how well your affiliates are performing with Thrivecart’s* reporting and dashboard tools. I check mine every single day and within seconds have an accurate read on how things are going. 

For any business owner wanting to offer an online affiliate program for their products, Thrivecart* is my best recommendation, especially for ESTJs whose best marketing strategy includes implementing a great affiliate program. 

You can have Thrivecart for a lifetime too!

Click here to get your lifetime license to Thrivecart*