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In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo speaks with Len Markidan, CMO of Podia. In this series finale, you’ll learn how to use Podia specifically based on your personality type. Join the Podia Pop-Up Membership today at (open until Feb 27, 2020).

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The Future of Podia Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. I’m Brit Kolo, the founder of Marketing and your host. 

Today we are back with Len Markidan, the CMO of Podia, for our third and final episode in our 3-episode series where Len and I are giving you a full rundown of what Podia is all about and how to use it in your business.

In episode #147, Len and I gave you the backstory of how Podia got started and what they do for us Creative Entrepreneurs today. 

In episode #148, Len and I dove deep into the features of the Podia platform and how each personality type can really leverage the different features in unique, feel-good ways. 

And this whole time, since February 13th to today, February 27th of 2020 – the day this episode has gone live, we’ve had so many of you listeners in our pop-up membership, which has given you an opportunity to click around and really see what the Podia platform feels like for your future customers. 

And today, literally today, on February 27th, we’re announcing the winner of our big giveaway where one super lucky winner is getting one whole year of Podia for free! Holy smokes! It’s going down! We’re announcing the winner on Instagram LIVE at 12pm Eastern, so tune in there to see who won! Ahh so excited! 

Okay, so for today’s episode, I’d really like to focus in on where Podia is going from here. I want to get a picture of the company’s vision and where we’re headed with this.

What is Podia?

A quick reminder: As Len puts it, Podia serves creative entrepreneurs – anyone who wants to make money through their skills and passions – by selling digital products like courses, digital downloads, and memberships…

But also does NOT want to duct tape a bunch of different software together in order to do that! 

So Podia comes in as an all-in-one platform that allows you to sell your digital products AND supports that selling by offering email marketing, a live chat support feature, customizable web page design, and an online storefront. 

Len’s Role at Podia 

Len is the Chief Marketing Officer at Podia, overseeing and strategizing Podia’s marketing strategy. Overall, Podia takes an education-focused route to their marketing strategy, aiming to educate creative entrepreneurs on the possibilities and opportunities of selling digital products and then supporting them in doing so. 

Podia’s Mission

Podia is on a mission to empower creative entrepreneurs to make a living online, selling and teaching what they love to people across the world. Ten years ago, that wasn’t possible. Today, it is – HALLELUJAH! – and Podia helps us do that. 

Podia’s Future

Len takes us into the future vision of Podia. 

At the core of it, he says everything you’ll see from Podia in the future stems from the mission of helping creative entrepreneurs make a living online and making that easier and easier at every turn. 

In the next year, we can expect to see updates to the Email Marketing capabilities within Podia and the Data Analytics and Reporting capabilities. (And all the Thinking Types cheered for joy!)

And from my standpoint, as someone who’s been a Podia customer for almost two years now, I’ve seen Podia’s consistent dedication to making the platform better and easier to use, always paying attention to what their customers want and need out of the platform, and then delivering those upgrades and updates. 

I, for one, cannot wait to see how the Podia team makes Podia even better in 2020, after watching how incredible they’ve made it already. 

See What Podia is Really Like

Because Podia sponsors this podcast and they’re so freaking cool, they’re offering a free two-week trial for all of my Marketing Personalities audience members. So you can now jump in as a Podia Creator for free for two whole weeks, test out the platform and see how to use it as a Creator. Isn’t that amazing? Like, talk about zero risk! Two whole weeks to get in there and play around and see if it’s the right fit for you and your business. 

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Big thanks to Podia for extending this trial offer to the Marketing Personalities Podcast listeners!!  

Got get your two-week free trial and ENJOY! Enjoy the crap out of this platform that I love so much.