The ESFJ Marketing Personality Type with Mary Claveires

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo speaks with Mary Clavieres, the Founder of The Transitions Collective, host of the FearLESS Business Podcast, and an ESFJ. In this episode, we not only get a peek into how Mary has built her businesses as an ESFJ, but we also get to see how ESFJs often have unique perspectives on two mega-buzzwords – SELF-CARE and NICHING. Buckle up, ESFJs. This one’s for you.

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ESFJ Marketing Personality Type Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. I’m Brit Kolo, the founder of and your host. I’m here today with Mary Claveires, who’s the founder of the Transitions Collective, host of the FearLESS Business Podcast, and an ESFJ Marketing Personality Type! 

First, let’s get to know Mary. 

Mary’s Business

Mary is the founder of The Transitions Collective, a membership community that supports your business growth by providing accountability, resources, and connection. 

The Transitions Collective was birthed out of first, Mary’s own need for community as a mom and entrepreneur. At the time, Mary was working to get her business, Brief Transitions, off the ground. As an ESFJ, Mary first gathered some friends for a free meetup group, not intending to turn it into a business at all! She just needed some camaraderie and support as she was navigating early motherhood and entrepreneurship. That then blossomed into The Transitions Collective over time. 

From my perspective this is a great example of how ESFJs best work and attract great clients and customers. They gather people together for the core purpose of fun, enjoyment, and friendship. And through that great energy, great things happen. 

The ESFJ Marketing Personality Type

ESFJs are known as the “Consul.” They make friends everywhere they go. 

They’re part of the Sentinel Tribe of personality types, meaning they…

  • Are ORDER-driven
  • Believe “teamwork makes the dream work” and are often great team players
  • Have to start with ORGANIZATION
  • Love templates – making them and using them

Their best marketing strategy is to host experiences for their prospects with the central focus on enjoyment and friendship. Gathering people together, not necessarily to learn and teach, but make them feel welcome and help them have fun. 

ESFJs and Self-Care

A phenomenon I see within ESFJs and ISFJs is that these individuals care so deeply and so actively for others, they sometimes find it difficult to know how to care for themselves. 

I see this issue coming up possibly because these people prefer to be Observant (2nd letter S), rather than Intuitive (2nd letter N). To be Observant, means you prefer to pay attention to external cues and what’s going on around. To be Intuitive, means you prefer to pay attention to internal cues and what’s going on inside you. 

As an ESFJ (or ISFJ), you’re Observant and therefore, naturally paying more attention to your surroundings than your internal world. The great part about this is that you can often foresee problems for others before they even arise and you can help people very deeply because you see their pain and want to help. 

On the flip side, you’re not always inclined pay attention to your internal environment and how to help yourself, should you need it. 

In the episode, Mary and I discuss how this has been for her and land on the fact that ESFJs and ISFJs will always interact with the topic of “self-care” a bit differently than others and that’s okay. Simply by being aware of this different perspective can help you navigate it in a healthier way. 


ESFJs meet and make friends literally everywhere they go. And they’re always the first one to notice someone who might feel like an outsider and invite them into the group. They want everyone to be invited, everyone to feel welcome, and absolutely no one should be excluded. 

This sounds great and something to aspire to, right? But then how do you reconcile that preference and natural lean with the idea of niching your audience?

It’s common advice to “narrow your niche” and serve a super specific set of people really, really well. But what if you naturally don’t want to niche? What if niching feels really fake and icky to you? Because that’s the reality for most ESFJs, Mary included. 

We get to have a great discussion about this in the episode, so if you’ve ever struggled with the idea of niching and you’re not sure why or how to get through that, listen in. 

Connect with Mary

Listeners, go find Mary at and I’ll catch you back here next week on the Marketing Personalities podcast, where I’ll be interviewing Kate Kordsmeier who is the blogger behind the popular Root + Revel blog and the creator of 6-figure blog academy and who happens to be an INFJ. Talk then!