The ENFP Marketing Personality Type with Chris Emmer

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo interviews Chris Emmer, who’s the Founder of Sweaty Wisdom, about how she approaches marketing as an ENFP.

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The ENFP Marketing Personality Type Episode Summary:

I’m chatting today with Chris Emmer of to talk about how she markets her business, specifically as an ENFP.

Chris is a social media strategist who approaches social media in a way that I admire. Instead of focusing on metrics and paid traffic and follower numbers, she takes a “best friend” approach, always aiming to engage with the audience and be a true friend to them. She has built her social media strategy company on the basis of being a human and treating her followers like humans – something I totally dig and very much aligns with her Marketing Personality Type as an ENFP.

This need to connect with people not only drives her current company and social media strategy, but also what prompted her to jump out of corporate and start her own thing. She craved that personal connection with the people she was reaching with her marketing messages and now she gets to do that, most notably on Instagram.

Instagram! The platform so many of you love to hate.

If you’ve been struggling with how to best show up on Instagram, or really anywhere on the Internet, Chris recommends treating the platform just like you would showing up in real life, at the grocery store for instance.

You wouldn’t go to the grocery store, bang a big gong, yell something about what you’re selling and then run away. No way! You’d go about regular life and chat up the person behind you in line. If it made sense to talk about your business in that moment, you would.

That’s how social media marketing can work too.

Can you see why I like Chris so much? She really encourages all of us to show up AS WE ARE on social media to attract the absolute best people into our audiences and onto our customer lists.

Specifically as an ENFP, Chris is best at hosting and mentoring people. She does this, even online, through how she hosts her audience on Instagram, making friends with them always, and then inviting them into her private Facebook group where they’re welcomed, nurtured, and supported on all things Instagram.

Hear how she’s doing this as we get deeper into the episode.

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Plus, Chris outlines for us how to begin approaching Instagram specifically from a more feel-good place. She gives us super simple, super actionable steps to start with today to completely shift the energy we’re giving out and receiving on Instagram.

And for those of you who would like to learn more from Chris and how to grow your Instagram following using her #socialmediawithsoul techniques, visit for her free, 5-day course.

I myself have taken this course and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Thanks for tuning in!

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