Should I use VIDEO in my marketing strategy?

“Video is king!” I hear it constantly in the online marketing world. And with headlines about how YouTube is growing exponentially month over month both in video uploads AND hours upon hours of video watched, it’s a common question I hear from business owners – “Should I use VIDEO in my marketing strategy?”

I’ve addressed this question a bit in a past Marketing Personalities Podcast episode, Episode #098.

And to be brutally honest, I can’t stand questions that start with “Should I…”

Because “shoulds” suck. Marketing strategies built off of “shoulds” don’t work.

Because “shoulds” come from a space of shame. And when you show up for your audience feeling shamed into showing up… well, needless to say, your audience won’t be attracted to it.

When you feel good, your audience feels good.

And therefore, when you feel shamed and “should-ed” into implementing a certain marketing strategy, your audience won’t want that kind of energy.

So when it comes to video, the whole question of “Should I use VIDEO in my marketing strategy?” is already off on the wrong foot, if you ask me.

A better question would be, “How can I use VIDEO in my marketing strategy and feel GOOD about it?”

Or, “What would a feel-good video marketing strategy look like for me?”


And those questions are the ones Holly Gillen of Holly G Studios recently set out to answer for you. Of course, in video format.

Holly is an expert in Business Cinema – video for your business. Whether, you’re using video to market your business, improve your client onboarding process, or within how you serve education to your customer base, Holly can help.

So, putting our two big brains together, Holly and I wanted to show you how to incorporate VIDEO into your marketing strategy based on your Marketing Personality Type (of course).

Here’s what we came up with. Enjoy!

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Should I use VIDEO in my marketing strategy? Lets find how YOU can use video in your marketing strategy based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Marketing Personality Types. A YouTube video conversation with Holly G of Holly G Studios and Brit Kolo of