Selling Digital Products with Podia

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo speaks with Len Markidan, CMO of Podia. In this first of three episodes with Len, you’ll learn what Podia is, who it serves, and the features it provides to Creative Entrepreneurs so we can make a living doing something we love by selling digital products! Join the Podia Pop-Up Membership today at (open until Feb 27, 2020).

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Selling Digital Products with Podia Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. I’m Brit Kolo, the founder of Marketing and your host. Today kicks off our first episode in a 3-episode series, where I’m speaking with Len Markidan, who is the CMO of one of my favorite companies and favorite tools I use in my business – Podia. 

I’ve been mentioning Podia in my podcast episodes over the past few weeks and announced at the beginning of the year that Podia is now the sponsor of this podcast, which is so freaking exciting. 

We’ve never had a sponsor like this before and it’s a great up-level for the company and for me, honestly. 

You should also know that I don’t just say that Podia is one of my favorite companies and favorite tools I use in my business. I absolutely mean it. I’ve been using Podia since April of 2018, almost two years at this point, and at every single point in that journey, I’m wow’ed by Podia and honored to be a paying user of their platform. So, listen. You’re going to hear a lot about this brand and platform over the next few weeks and I want you to know that everything you hear about Podia is so, so genuine. I really do believe in this company and I believe it’s a solution that so many of my listeners – YOU, that’s YOU – so many of you could love and leverage and succeed in business by using Podia. 

So that’s my schpeel. 

Now, let’s get into what we’re really here to talk about today and that is to get a full rundown of what the heck Podia is, who the heck Len is in all of this awesomeness, and what Podia does, what our personal favorite features are, etcetera etcetera. There’s a ton to get to in this first episode of this series. 

What is Podia?

Let’s start off by getting an understanding of what the heck Podia is. Could you give us a snapshot into what Podia is, what it does, and who it serves?

As Len puts it, Podia serves creative entrepreneurs – anyone who wants to make money through their skills and passions – by selling digital products like courses, digital downloads, and memberships…

But also does NOT want to duct tape a bunch of different softwares together in order to do that! 

So Podia comes in as an all-in-one platform that allows you to sell your digital products AND supports that selling by offering email marketing, a live chat support feature, customizable web page design, and an online storefront. 

Len’s Role at Podia 

Len is the Chief Marketing Officer at Podia, overseeing and strategizing Podia’s marketing strategy. Overall, Podia takes an education-focused route to their marketing strategy, aiming to educate creative entrepreneurs on the possibilities and opportunities of selling digital products and then supporting them in doing so. 

Podia’s Start-Up Story

As Len reflects in the episode, Podia got started in 2014 by its founder, Spencer. At first, Podia (named “Coach” back then) was developed for GMAT tutors, helping them get their lessons to their students. 

By 2015, however, other creators were using the platform and Spencer saw the opportunity to widen its reach and its implications and build the platform for creative entrepreneurs. 

Len joined the team in 2017, around the time they changed the name to Podia and the rest is history. 🙂 

Podia’s Mission

Podia is on a mission to empower creative entrepreneurs to make a living online, selling and teaching what they love to people across the world. Ten years ago, that wasn’t possible. Today, it is – HALLELUJAH! – and Podia helps us do that. 

An Overview of Podia’s Features

Quickly in this episode, Len and I review the main features of Podia, which include:

  • An online storefront
  • Ability to sell…
    • Online courses
    • Digital downloads
    • Memberships
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Live chat support capabilities

We’ll go into much greater detail of these features in Episode #148, releasing on Thursday, February 20th, 2020. 

Brit’s Favorite Podia Feature

I am LOVING Podia’s Membership feature! It’s so simple to set up from the Creator’s end and it’s so clean and inviting for the Member. 

I don’t know about you all, but I really don’t like having to log into Facebook in order to access a membership group. I just don’t like it. It’s too distracting and triggering and ugh, no. But when you log into a Podia membership, you only see what you went there to see. You have all of your membership materials like any course modules or digital downloads you get for being a part of a membership. You have a simple, clean feed where you can communicate directly with the Creator / Membership Host and with others in the membership. It’s just so simple and clean.

Join the Podia Pop-Up Membership!

Len and I have been working on a way for you to not just hear us explain what Podia is like, but actually experience it for yourself. So here’s what we’re going to do. 

I’ve opened up a limited time, pop-up membership on the Podia platform. This pop-up membership will be open for just two weeks – from February 13th to February 27th, 2020. You can get in for free by visiting

Once you get in, you’ll be able to click around and see what a Podia membership site looks like AND the way we have it set up, you’ll get to see how an online course works in Podia and how Digital Downloads are offered. 

So cool, right? So you can get in right now – it’s open right now as long as you’re listening to this between February 13 and February 27th of 2020. Get in at

Andddddd something even cooler that Len and the Podia Team are doing – anyone who joins the pop-up automatically gets entered into an epic giveaway where one super lucky winner will get a WHOLE YEAR OF PODIA FOR FREE. 

BANANAS! That’s so cool. Can’t wait to give that away. 

Click here to join the Pop-Up Membership!

Len and I will be back here next week to dive even deeper into how each personality type can use the Podia platform in unique ways. Watch for that and in the meantime, I’ll see you in the Pop-up Membership!