Scared of Marketing on TikTok? Read This.

Marketing on TikTok is becoming more and more of a conversation amongst small brands and big ones. Why? Because TikTok is beyond its trendy new social media platform stage where you were wondering, “Should I jump in as an early adopter and maybe waste all my time because the platform is going to sink in a few months?” Nah. TikTok is here to stay. 

Naturally, you may now be wondering…

Should I work TikTok into my marketing strategy?

And then one look at all the face-on-camera videos and you want to run in the other direction. 

Or if the being-on-video thing didn’t scare you away, you went to try to put a video together and within 4.5 seconds got frustrated with how time-consuming the editing process on TikTok is. 

I hear you. You’re not alone. Many, many business owners are feeling the pressure to market on TikTok but have valid reasons why getting on the platform doesn’t feel good for them. 

You’re also not a bad business owner if you really don’t want to get on TikTok. I promise. I know, some people took to it right away and made incredibly creative videos. You wish that was you. But you’ve tried to put a video together and it all just feels fake and you don’t like how it comes together.

It’s a lot like when Instagram introduced Instagram Stories. Remember that? I do. I published this podcast episode and blog titled, “Do I HAVE to do Instagram Stories?” around that time because so many business owners were coming to me really hoping my answer to that question would be NO. 

Spoiler alert: It was. 

Here’s why:

“Shoulds” have no place in your marketing strategy.

“Shoulds” only lead to shame. And marketing activity happening out of the energy of shame is crappy-feeling marketing at best. 

No one wants that. You don’t want to show up just because you “should” and your prospects don’t want you to show up out of obligation. 

So if you don’t want to market on TikTok, don’t.

It’s really that simple. 

There are plenty of platforms out there. There IS one that will feel good for you. If TikTok’s not it, so what? 

The important thing is to find the sharing platform that feels good for you to share on and focus on THAT. Bring your feel-good energy to THAT table—that’s what will attract your best clients and customers.

What if you’re half-intrigued by marketing on TikTok and half-overwhelmed by it?

This is such a valid question. Some people reading this article are completely turned off by TikTok and want nothing to do with it. Totally cool, as stated above. 

But what if you’re not completely turned off?

What if you’re intrigued and a part of you wants to try marketing on TikTok, but you still have your reservations? Those reservations might sound like…

  • I just don’t have the time to add another sharing platform to my marketing activities right now. 
  • I want to create content for TikTok, but I don’t want to be on camera. 

This is an interesting place to be. The fact that you’re intrigued by TikTok might mean you could feel really good marketing on the platform, given some smart strategy and boundaries around your time and visibility.

And the truth is, you won’t know if marketing on TikTok feels good for you until you try it out. 

Here’s how I would do a trial run marketing on TikTok:

  1. Sketch it into your current marketing funnel. Know exactly where it lives in your marketing strategy so you know what the point of it is. Be able to answer the question, “When someone finds my content on TikTok, what do I want them to do next?” 
  2. Create a TikTok account for your business. Just create one. It’ll take five minutes and do no harm. 
  3. Make a list of 10 TikTok video ideas that would make sense for your brand. Off the top of your head. Make a list. Estimated time, 15 minutes max. 

Now that you’ve completed those three steps, ask yourself, “Do I feel my energy ramping up by this exercise or is it waning?

If your energy is ramping up and you find you’re getting even more intrigued and maybe even a little excited to market on TikTok, KEEP GOING. Try crafting a video. Start engaging with other TikTok-ers. Keep finding ways to play on the platform and feel good doing it. 

If your energy is waning or getting overwhelmed just by listing some ideas, put “Market on TikTok” on your list to consider again in 90 days. It’s not a “No” forever, but definitely a “No, not right now.” Or, as always, you can always find a way to outsource your TikTok marketing. That goes for any marketing platform you want your business to be on but YOU don’t want to have anything to do with. 

Still stuck on the face-on-camera thing? I hear you. Check out this blog post from Steph Gilbert of The Social Media CEO for video ideas that DON’T involve your face

Curious about how each Marketing Personality Type® might enjoy marketing on TikTok?

Here are my best guesses, based on what I know about each Marketing Personality Type®. 

Marketing Personality Type® that’s DEFINITELY into marketing on TikTok: 

  • ESFPs! They’re not called “The Entertainer” for nothing. 

Marketing Personality Types® that would probably enjoy marketing on Tiktok:

  • ENFPs; permission to have fun and get creative, granted!
  • ENTPs; aim to spark conversation
  • ESTPs; share quick motivation

Marketing Personality Types® that might enjoy marketing on TikTok, given the right strategy and boundaries:

  • ENTJ; could you outsource the editing that seems to eat up all your time?
  • ENFJ; could you stretch your summarizing muscles and give us your thoughts in bite-sized format?
  • ESFJ; could you worry less about the strategy and focus more on making friends?
  • ISFP; could you share in-the-moment, day-in-the-life stuff regularly?

Marketing Personality Types® that are seriously a toss-up on whether or not they’ll enjoy marketing on TikTok:

  • INFJ; I’m sure there are plenty of INFJs enjoying marketing on TikTok right now, and plenty that wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. 
  • ISFJ; same for ISFJs

Marketing Personality Types® that would probably NOT enjoy marketing on Tiktok:

*I’m 100% sure there are some of these Types marketing on TikTok and enjoying it somehow. But by and large, I just wouldn’t expect these Types to truly enjoy it. Could they figure it out? Of course! It’s not rocket science. But it’s not about “figuring it out.” It’s about FEELING GOOD so you can attract the best prospects

Did that help you make a decision about marketing on TikTok?

Or at least get you a bit closer to making a decision?

I hope so. There’s no need to fret over it. Either let it go, try it out, or dive right in. Know yourself and you’ll know which option is best for you. 

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PS. Now I’m gonna go off-script. 

Do you know anyone in book publishing? Yes? Would you forward this to them? There’s this trend I’m hearing about where book publishers are requesting their authors to market themselves and their books on TikTok, trying to take advantage of the “BookTok” craze, and it just turns my stomach. Not everyone is meant to be marketing in every way. There are places each of us feels good showing up and there are places we don’t. I’d love for the Marketing Personality Type® word to get out to these book publishers so they could share and encourage a more personalized marketing approach for their authors. I have to believe it’d be (a crap-ton) more helpful than telling them all to get on TikTok. Thanks!

Scared of marketing on TikTok? Read this article that will walk you through the steps of either letting TikTok go, trying it out, or diving right in. Plus, learn if TikTok aligns with your Marketing Personality Type®!
Scared of marketing on TikTok? Read this article that will walk you through the steps of either letting TikTok go, trying it out, or diving right in. Plus, learn if TikTok aligns with your Marketing Personality Type®!
Scared of marketing on TikTok? Read this article that will walk you through the steps of either letting TikTok go, trying it out, or diving right in. Plus, learn if TikTok aligns with your Marketing Personality Type®!