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GET REAL RESULTS from #marketingthatfeelsgood.

At this point, you know your Marketing Personality Type. That day you uncovered a feel-good way to marketing your business—what a relief!! 

But since finding out what your best marketing strategy includes, you’ve only kind of implemented it. You took bits and pieces of your Marketing Personality Type recommendations, applied them here and there. 

And if you’re being honest, there are still things in your marketing you hate doing. But you keep doing them because you feel like you have to. 

Let me be clear—there’s no shame in that game! It can feel so difficult to stop marketing in certain ways, even if you despise doing them, for fear that if you completely give it up, you’ll fall even farther behind than you are right now. 

Not to mention, it’s been pretty easy to get side-tracked this year.

The thing is though—without fully implementing your feel-good strategy, you’re only getting so-so results.

And uhh, you didn’t set out to just get so-so results, amiright?

That’s exactly why I created the Portal—to bridge the gap between knowing what your best marketing strategy is to actually, fully implementing it so you can get results better than you ever imagined!

You want better results from your marketing efforts right?

You want to meet your monthly revenue goal. 

You want to exceed your quarterly profit goal. 

You want to knock your annual impact goal outta the park. 

All because you chose to show up feeling GOOD. 


Right. The Portal is designed to help you with that.  

The Marketing Personalities Portal is the membership community where business owners GET REAL RESULTS from #marketingthatfeelsgood.

How the Portal Will Help You Get Better Results

Marketing Strategy Mapping Course by Marketing Personalities

the course

a crystal clear plan

Marketing Personalities Experts, Brit Kolo and Tiffany Bennett

the experts

personalized answers

The Marketing Personalities Portal

the community

people who get you

When you join the Portal, you get three key components that’ll create better results for you:

  • The Marketing Strategy Mapping Course; finally a crystal clear plan!

The Mapping Course is made up of NINE video + audio online training modules, guiding you step-by-step through:

  • What makes up a marketing strategy map.

  • How the Basic, Common, and Advanced maps function.

  • What to know BEFORE creating your map.

  • Building your own marketing strategy map!

  • Unlimited Access to Certified Marketing Personalities Experts; feel free to call us your marketing fairy godmothers!

Access your Experts in The Portal Forums, hosted on Mighty Networks. You’ll simply navigate to your Type’s Forum, create a post, and tag the Experts to get fast feedback on your question. Keep scrolling to meet your Experts!

  • Unlimited Access to Business Owners Who Share Your Personality Type; stay forever connected with people who get you in this #marketingthatfeelsgood journey!

Within The Portal, you’ll navigate to your Type’s Forum—a special feed where only people with your Type can discuss things. For instance, if you’re an INFP, you get to discuss your marketing questions, insights, and ideas with other INFPs. Get ready to offer and receive some serious support from people who really get you!

Get a Sneak Peek into The Portal!

See what I’m saying?

With the Course, the Experts, and the Community, how could you NOT get better results from your feel-good marketing strategy?!

The best part?

At this point, you know me. Putting your best marketing strategy into play won’t require pushing, forcing, or launching until your eyeballs fall out.

The Success Path within the Portal is much, much simpler:

Marketing Personalities Portal Success Path

Another best part?

The Portal is just $59 a month to join and you can cancel anytime. 

Monthly payments not your thing? Pay for the whole year now and get two months free.

Choose your Portal Membership

$59 / mo
  • The Marketing Strategy Mapping Course
  • Unlimited Access to Certified Marketing Personalities Experts
  • Unlimited Access to Business Owners Who Share Your Personality Type

Cancel anytime.

Plus, you can add on a one-on-one session with a Marketing Personalities Expert at any time,

at a rate only Portal Members receive!

Let’s Do This Thing!

Steps to Join the Portal:

#1—Select your Portal Membership Payment option above—Monthly or Annual. 

#2—Submit your payment information. 

#3—Find your Portal Access Instructions in your inbox and step into the most feel-good marketing space on the Internet.

A Few More Cool Things About

The Portal:

#1 The Portal itself is super simple. 

Personally, I don’t join memberships that give me a TON of stuff to engage in month over month. Trying to schedule in live trainings, co-working sessions, time to listen to yet another members-only podcast? 

As Anne Lammott so eloquently says, “WHO NEEDS IT?!” 

Sure, I might throw in a training, a swipe file, a live Q&A, or some other fun bonus at some point, but that’s what they’ll be—BONUSES. Not things you have to pay for month over month and not consistently use. 

#2 Your monthly membership rate will always and forever be your monthly membership rate until you cancel.

So, as long as you pay your monthly fee, we’ll continue honoring your original rate and never increase it. 

Yes, this even applies to the Founding Member rate and all promo codes used! 

#3 The Portal is managed by TWO Marketing Personalities Experts—me (Brit Kolo) and Tiffany Bennett.

I’m the Founder of Marketing Personalities and Tiffany is a Certified Marketing Personalities Expert. Again, feel free to deem us your Marketing Fairy Godmothers. We won’t mind at all.

Brit Kolo Headshot

Brit Kolo is the Creator of the Marketing Personality Type™ Framework at and the Host of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. Through her framework, designed to match you with your best marketing strategy based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, she’s here to shake up your approach to marketing and inspire you to grow your business in a feel-good way. Meet Brit and get ready to go deep, find your true self, and grow that business of yours WITHOUT feeling fake and salesy at 

Tiffany Bennet, Marketing Personalities Expert

Tiffany Bennett is a curious, creative marketing strategist who will help you see what's possible for your business. Her skill is to find what is unique about you & your business and turn it into a personalized marketing plan that gives you a clear visual map to move forward with your marketing.  She has 18 years of marketing experience, 12 years as a business owner, and an obsession with learning, so you can trust that she has the marketing knowledge your business needs.

The Sky is the Limit Here

Beyond working on your overall marketing strategy, just imagine all of the other things you can gain clarity, focus, and traction on within The Portal!

Together, we’ll be able to discuss…

  • Your unique content strategy

  • How to plan your content so you stay on track

  • Your website design and optimization techniques

  • What the heck to share on social media

  • How social media fits into your unique business model

  • What services and products to offer 

  • How to navigate a business pivot

  • This list could go on for pages and pages! 

The point is—if it has anything to do with marketing and/or personality types, we’ll get to discuss it and collectively gain clarity about it in The Portal!

Who’s Invited?

The Portal is designed for:

  • Business owners
  • Who want REAL RESULTS
  • From their feel-good marketing strategies. 

If you check those three boxes, come on in! 

Okay, but who’s NOT invited? 

The Portal is NOT designed for:

  • Salesy Sallys—Professionals solely trying to market their own services to Portal Members.

  • Negative Nancys—People who only want to find reasons why their marketing won’t work.


Where is The Portal hosted?

What is Mighty Networks?

Can I access The Portal on my phone or do I have to be on a desktop?

Why isn’t the membership hosted on Facebook?

Can I buy the Marketing Strategy Mapping Course separately?

Do I need to purchase my Marketing Personality Type FULL Report before joining The Portal?

Can I pause my membership and then come back?

What will happen when Brit goes on maternity leave?

If I pay for Annual, but want to cancel my membership mid-year, can I get a refund?

What's your refund policy?

I don’t own my own business, but do marketing for other businesses. Is The Portal right for me?

I’m involved in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Is The Portal right for me?

The Portal Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Have another question not answered above? Email us at and we’ll help you out!

The Marketing Personalities Portal is the membership community where business owners GET REAL RESULTS from #marketingthatfeelsgood.

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