Why I Recommend Podia as a Digital Product, Course, and Membership Storefront

I first learned about Podia* – a super savvy platform that lets you create and sell digital downloads, courses, and memberships – when I met their CMO, Len, at a live event back in 2018. From the very beginning, I was attracted by how clean and simple their user interface was – both for the Creator and for the Customer. 

I then used Podia myself and was even MORE blown away! I’ve never used a platform that had so many features, so much versatility, and still kept things super clean and simple to use! 

To any online entrepreneur who has a Digital Download, Course, or Membership to create and sell, Podia* is for you. 

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My top 3 reasons I love Podia* are:

  1. Podia is everything online-digital-products under one roof! You no longer have to host your course over on Teachable, your digital downloads on Gumroad, and your membership on Mighty Networks. With Podia, it’s all under one roof, one storefront, one cohesive, easy-to-find place. 
  2. The user interface is suuuper easy to figure out and start making money from quickly. You can have an idea for a digital product this morning and have it available in your Podia store this afternoon if you want! 
  3. The Podia team is dedicated to making the platform the best it possibly can be for its customers. Their level of customer service and attention to detail astonishes me. You really don’t have to fumble through the dark with this platform. It’s easy to use and if you ever need help, Podia’s got your back. 

Podia* Features You Have to Know About:

Offering Online Courses

Whether you offer your course only during Launch Periods or 24/7/365, you can host it on Podia easily, with clean branding and easy-to-access course materials. Upload any kind of file you can think of – Podia will support it. 

Plus, take a look at these additional features that will help you market and sell your course!

(Screenshot of Podia Online Courses Feature page*)

And when you do invite new course takers into your Podia-hosted course? It’s going to look gorgeous and super simple to navigate, zero coding or design experience required:

(Image from Podia’s Online Courses Feature Page*)

Selling Digital Downloads

You can literally sell digital downloads of any kind, including eBooks, PDF’s, cheat sheets, checklists, video files, audio files and text on Podia.

Podia supports many different file types, including (but not limited to):

  • MOV, MP4 and MP3
  • PNG, JPG, GIF and PDF
  • EPUB and MOBI
  • .sketch, AI and PSD

Perfect for INFJs and ISFPs who have all kinds of content to share and sell!

And when you go to market your digital downloads…

Your Podia sales page has already been tested and optimized for high conversion rates! Add extras like testimonials, an intro video, FAQ’s or coupons to help nudge people toward buying your digital goods. Accept Stripe, PayPal, and most international currencies safely and securely.”


Opening a Membership

We all know Membership Sites are on the rise right now. But still, finding a platform to house your Membership on… not easy! Until now, with Podia. 

You can easily create and sell your membership using Podia and THEN follow that up with an incredible member experience within the clean and simple Podia membership interface. 

This is PERFECT for ENFPs and ESFJs who tend to have a club of members around them! 

More Podia Membership features I love include:

  • Offering multiple membership plans
  • Creating members-only content
  • Bundling products with your membership offer
  • Easy interaction with members

And again, I can’t say this enough:

It’s allllll under ONE ROOF! Thank you, Podia, for this great platform! 

Want to Try Podia Yourself for Free?

Click here to try Podia for FREE for 14 days.* You have nothing to lose. 

Try it out and feel free to let me know what you think of it!