Personality Profiling with Sarah Arnold

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo interviews Sarah Arnold who is a personality profiler at Bluestocking Data Ltd and an INTJ personality type. In this discussion, Brit and Sarah discuss how to use the MBTI to identify your ideal client’s personality type.

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Sarah’s Website,
Sarah on Instagram
Sarah’s eBook about the MBTI

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Personality Profiling Episode Summary

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. I’m Brit Kolo and I’m here today with Sarah Arnold, who is a personality profiler at Bluestocking Data and an INTJ personality type.

About Sara Arnold

Sara works with introverted Mom entrepreneurs to find and understand their ideal client so well it’s like their talking with their best friend. She uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help them do that.

You can use the MBTI to know your ideal client better, too?

Yes! Just like you can take the Myers-Briggs personality type assessment for yourself, you can also get into the mind of your ideal client and take the assessment as your ideal client. Then, with your ideal client’s results, you can understand them better and shape your messaging toward that one specific personality type.

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How does Data factor into Sarah’s work?

Once Sarah’s clients have identified the personality type of their ideal client and began marketing to them, Sarah then takes her INTJ super power of understanding data to help her client know exactly what’s working in her business and marketing strategy and what’s not.

Who is Sarah’s ideal client?

Sarah has identified her own ideal client to be an ISFJ personality type, while she herself is an INTJ.

Learn more from Sarah here:

Sarah’s Website,
Sarah on InstagramSarah’s eBook about the MBTI