Marketing on LinkedIn: What Marketing Personality Types® Enjoy It Most?

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, certain personality types will feel better marketing on this platform than others. This is true for every social media platform and marketing tactic, by the way! In this blog post, we’ll explore which personality types are likely to feel best marketing on LinkedIn and which ones would likely want to stay away.

ENTJs and ENTPs Feel Best Marketing on LinkedIn

ENTJs and ENTPs are natural leaders who excel at developing and implementing strategies. They are confident and assertive, with a strong desire to achieve their goals. LinkedIn is a great platform for ENTJs and ENTPs because it allows them to connect with other professionals and establish themselves as thought leaders in their field. These individuals can use LinkedIn to share their ideas and insights, as well as to network with potential clients and partners. As a nice bonus, LinkedIn’s data and analytics tools can help ENTJs and ENTPs track the success of their marketing efforts and adjust their strategies accordingly. Overall, LinkedIn is a platform that plays to the strengths of ENTJs and ENTPs, making it an ideal platform for those with these personality types to market themselves and their businesses.

INFJs and ENFJs May Feel Good Marketing on LinkedIn

INFJs and ENFJs are empathetic individuals who are highly attuned to the needs of those around them. They are often natural communicators who enjoy building relationships and connecting with others. LinkedIn is a great platform for INFJs and ENFJs because it allows them to showcase their empathy and build meaningful connections with other professionals in their industry. Plus, LinkedIn’s range of creative marketing options can appeal to INFJs and ENFJs, who often enjoy using visual and creative elements in their marketing campaigns.

I can see INFJs and ENFJs particularly enjoying LinkedIn’s ‘Write Article’ feature, as they like to produce longer-form pieces of writing, rather than short captions.

Side note: As an ENFJ, you can find me on LinkedIn right here.

ISTJs and ESTJs May Feel Good Marketing on LinkedIn

ISTJ and ESTJ Marketing Personality Types may feel good marketing on LinkedIn, specifically as a way to make a professional connection with someone. LinkedIn is THE professional social media platform and with this kind of high-standard reputation, ISTJs and ESTJs can feel comfortable here. Read: There’s not much funny business on LinkedIn and these types appreciate that.

ISFJs and ESFJs May Feel Good Marketing on LinkedIn

ISFJ and ESFJ Marketing Personality Types are empathetic team players. LinkedIn can offer a helpful platform for these types to build their professional network of complementary professionals and people to work alongside and collaborate with.

ESTPs May Feel Good Marketing on LinkedIn

ESTP Marketing Personality Types® are outgoing, social people often highly skilled at sales. LinkedIn can be a great platform for ESTPs to connect and keep up with ongoing sales conversations, while also staying up-to-date on what’s happening in the professional lives of leads, clients, and other professionals in their network.

Don’t see your Marketing Personality Type® on the LinkedIn list?

There are likely other platforms better suited to your natural tendencies and preferences—places that will simply feel better for you to engage and market on. You can still choose to have a LinkedIn profile and update it every quarter or so, but to invest resources into marketing on LinkedIn might end up being a feel-crappy waste.

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