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Can Introverts even do marketing?

Aren’t all the marketing strategies really best done by Extroverts? 

And if Introverts can market their businesses well, what would that look like?

These are the kinds of questions I see bopping around the internet constantly and I’m here to put an end to all this questioning and pondering.

What makes you an Introvert?

First, let’s get clear about what Introversion actually is.

Introverts tend to be more sensitive to external stimuli than extroverts.
That’s it. That’s as simple and clear as it gets.

What Introversion is NOT:

  • Hating people.
  • Not enjoying being around people.
  • Being quiet.
  • Being shy.
  • Keeping feelings to yourself. 

Okay, so we’ve got that cleared up. It’s about external stimuli and how sensitive you are to it that makes you an Introvert or an Extrovert.

Can Introverts do Marketing, though?

Now, the problem as it relates to this podcast and Marketing Personalities as a whole is this:

If introverts are sensitive to external stimuli, isn’t marketing kind of a minefield?

Isn’t marketing about “putting yourself out there?” And therefore, opening yourself up to a whole bunch of external stimuli?

I mean, isn’t that just too scary to actually feel good for any introvert?

Okay, slow down for a second.

It can be done. Some of the most successful, well-known entrepreneurs you can think of are Introverts.

Did they just rig their system to show up as an Extrovert all the time? NO! That would never work because when you feel good, your audience feels good. So if you’re an Introvert, trying to act like an Extrovert, your audience will pick up on that fake-ish vibe and not be able to trust you. So no, they didn’t rig the system

The answer here is NOT to figure out ways to show up as an Extrovert would.

The answer is to show up in the way YOU would, as an Introvert.
Because that’s completely, totally, 100% enough.

Seriously, some of the hottest marketing tactics trending right now are actually best done by Introverts. Search engine optimization, Facebook ads, Google ads, content marketing, email marketing. The list goes on and on.

Now, each specific personality type has their one specific best marketing strategy. I’m not going to say ALL introverts need to be doing THIS in their strategies. Because out of all the personality types, 8 of them are Introverts and each of those 8 have vastly different marketing strategies that feel good to them.

If you want to tap into exactly what your best marketing strategy is, based on all your four letters, not just the I that stands for Introvert, click the button below: 

Now back to the topic of Introversion.

It’s such a huge misconception that so many people accept as truth – that Extroverts are better at marketing than Introverts.

And that’s just a straight up lie.

So I’ve curated these three podcast episodes to show you how to use your own Introverted nature to your advantage when marketing your business.  

Marketing for Introverts
Podcast Series

The Introverted Coach

With Cara Rice on the Marketing Personalities Podcast, hosted by Brit Kolo

Brit and Cara discuss what it’s like to be an Introverted Coach, why this is the niche Cara’s chosen for her business, and what Introverted Coaches can know about doing business and marketing.

The Introverted PR Strategy

With brittany berger on the Marketing Personalities Podcast, hosted by Brit Kolo

Brit and Brittany discuss how Introverts can remix their previously-published content to work for them long after the day it’s originally published.

The Creative Introvert

With cat rose on the Marketing Personalities Podcast, hosted by Brit Kolo

Brit and Cat discuss what it’s like to be an Introverted Creative, how Cat chose this as her business coaching niche, and what Introverted Creatives can do to have a more richly creative life.

What's YOUR Best Marketing Strategy?


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