part 4 (of 4)

Your Marketing
Easy Button

written BY BRIT KOLO

here's what we know:

Part 3 (of 4): You CAN feel good when marketing.

  1. The best marketing strategy is the one that lets you be YOU. 
  2. You're about to hit the Easy Button of Marketing and find your best marketing strategy based on who YOU are. 

Two-minute timer starts now. 

For me, not you. 

You just have to keep reading. 

I have to deliver marketing that feels good to you. 

In less than 2 minutes. 

We do NOT have time to waste. 

That’s the point here.

You never have time to waste. This needs to work.

And by now, it’s crystal clear that marketing that feels good IS marketing that works.

Because when you feel good, you become magnetic to your ICA, regardless of where they are online, what they want from you, what they order at Starbucks, how much they spent last time they were at Lululemon, and all the other random crap you know about them. 

So to save you time, I’ve built a shortcut for you.

The EASY button of marketing.

A shortcut to finding what marketing will feel good to you, not based on your ICA, but rather, based on YOU. 

Who YOU are. 

Because if it comes down to how you feel when you’re marketing, then what we questioned earlier really is true:

You matter more than your ideal client avatar! 

So, who the heck are you? How do we figure that out? 


We use your Myers-Briggs personality type. 

Ya know, the four-letter acronym that tells you about your preferences? 

For instance, I’m an ENFJ. 

Maybe you’re an INTP. Or an ESFP. Or an ISTJ. There are 16 different letter combinations, so I won’t list them all right here, but you get the idea. 

Your specific four letters are what we’ll use to match you with marketing that feels good to you. 


Because your four letters give us key insight into how you naturally prefer to show up in the world. In short, they tell us what you like. 

So, if we know what you like, we can work that into your marketing so you can finally feel good about your marketing. 

And marketing that feels good is marketing that works, right? 


So all you need is to know your four letters and BOOM. I can tell you what marketing will feel good to you. 

Talk about easy! 

So do you know your four letters?

That is, your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?


If you do NOT know your four letters yet, calm down, breathe, everything’s going to be okay. It’s super easy to find out. And free. Yay! 

To find out what your four letters are, take the
free assessment on this page

👆🏽Heads up - this link takes you away from, to a totally different website that does not own or have any affiliation with. You have to go there to take the assessment and find out what your letters are.

THEN YOU COME BACK HERE and hit the EASY button. Ok? Ok.

if you know your four letters,

keep scrolling 👇🏽

Congrats! You’re officially ready for the EASY button, right below. 

Now, if you've peeked below, you're thinking, Wait, there are SIXTEEN BUTTONS DOWN HERE.

Yes. This is where it gets really cool. 

You get to click your specific EASY button - the one that matches your four letters.

Once you do, I’ll send you a PDF report, detailing what marketing will feel good to you. I call this your mini Report

No trial and error.
No guessing. 

Only the marketing advice you need, based on who YOU are.

Okay, let’s do this. 


You get to click your specific EASY button - the one that matches your four letters.