Lead Magnet Ideas Based on Your Marketing Personality Type®

Gone are the days when your business’s lead magnet had to be a PDF download or a webinar! Hallelujah! There are so many other lead magnet ideas and options out there now.

PDF downloads and webinars, yes. But also…

Video series
Secret podcast series
Live challenges
Tool kits
Case studies
Mini courses
Recorded trainings

The list can go on and on.

So, how do you choose? How do you know which lead magnet would be right to offer on your website, for your ideal client avatar?

I recommend choosing based on your Marketing Personality Type® (of course). Because when you feel good, your audience feels good. And if you feel good about the lead magnet you’re offering, you’ll feel good about promoting it, and your audience will feel good about giving you their email address in exchange for it!

So let’s dive into some lead magnet ideas based on your Marketing Personality Type®!

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Lead Magnet Ideas for the Sentinel Tribe of Marketing Personality Types®

You’re part of the Sentinel Tribe if you’re an ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, or ESFJ.

Those in the Sentinel Tribe prioritize order and organization, so they’re often best at creating templates for the rest of us that help keep us organized.

If you’re a Sentinel, consider creating a template or organizational structure / process to help your ideal client be ready to work with you. Answer the question – what does one need to have in order before they’re really ready to [buy my product -or- hire me]?

To get a bit more detailed, I also see ISFJs great at hosting free communities as an opt-in, and ESFJs hosting free live events as an opt-in, as long as they’re getting every attendee’s contact information.

Lead Magnet Ideas for the Diplomat Tribe of Marketing Personality Types®

You’re part of the Diplomat Tribe if you’re an INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, or ENFP.

The Diplomat tribe often has a ton of content already created, so a super easy, minimum viable opt-in could look like curating already-published content into a book, an audio course, or a video course. Again, I see INFJs and INFPs going with the book option, while ENFJs and ENFPs might opt more for an audio or video option.

We also point out in this episode that Diplomats tend to take the stance that no one size fits all with most things. Because of this, Diplomats can often create quizzes, which give more personalized results and guidance than any other type of opt-in.

Great examples of Diplomats offering quizzes include;

Vanessa Ryan’s Opt-In Quiz
Clarity on Fire’s Passion Profile Quiz

BUT HEADS UP. Sometimes I see Diplomats get really excited about creating a quiz and offering personalized results, but then get super stuck in the technical set-up of the quiz. If this is you, take a breath. Creating a great quiz and technically setting it up are two totally different things. My best advice? Hire your tech-savvy friend to do the set-up for you so you can stay in your strength zone.

Lead Magnet Ideas for the Explorer Tribe of Marketing Personality Types®

You’re part of the Explorer Tribe if you’re an ISTP, ISFP, ESTP, or ESFP.

The Explorer tribe just needs to put things into action and they’ll learn and fix things as they go. With that in mind, I see Explorers being best at offering a free trial period or a free consult as an opt-in. Giving the ideal client a true taste of what it’s like to purchase from your company is the best way for an Explorer to capture a lead.

If you’re a product-based business, you could also offer free samples in exchange for an email address, as long as your margins allow for it.

Vanessa offered the example of how Jason and Caroline Zook offer a free trial for their online membership that seems to be working really well for them.

Lead Magnet Ideas for the Analyst Tribe of Marketing Personality Types®

You’re part of the Analyst Tribe if you’re an INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, or ENTP.

The Analyst tribe of personalities are highly skilled at creating strategy and action plans. So I recommend an Analyst to offer an opt-in that clearly states how to complete a task in a step-by-step, straightforward manner.

This step-by-step guide can take any format that feels good to you as an Analyst. I can see INTJs making more of a digital workflow system, while I can see ENTJs creating a short how-to video series.

The point here is to deliver the step-by-step how-to without any fluff.

Vanessa sees an Analyst’s opportunity in offering a workflow of some type. Because Analysts tend to be extremely efficient people, they’ve probably figured out an innovative way to do something more efficiently than the rest of us, and therefore, we could benefit from seeing their workflow or system and being taught how to implement it into our own life.

Great examples of this specific idea include;

Andrea Layne of the Creative Spring and her free workflow opt-ins
Lanie Lamarre of MissGSD.com and her free Airtable bases and trainings

A version of this post was originally published May 2019. Updated to this version January 2021.

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