Your Best Marketing Strategy as aN ISTP

ISTP-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
Will Include...

ISTP Marketing Personality, ISTP Personality
a digital sales funnel that allows you to A/B test different parts of your customer’s journey. You’re creative and practical, so you may especially enjoy creating and testing visual ads, websites, and landing pages to see which combinations are most effective.

Don’t worry about going in with a big, grand plan and strategy of how you’ll make all the pieces fit together. That might work for some, but not you. You’re best when you’re taking imperfect action to get started and figuring things out as you go. Allow yourself time and space to try a few things out before nailing down an exact strategy.

ISTP Marketing Personality, ISTP Personality
This matters because your power
is realized when you not only imagine a creative solution to a problem, but then also build the solution with your own two hands. When your handiwork connects with a real solution people need in their lives, you cannot be stopped.

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Best Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Personality Type Full Report Includes...

  • Your Best Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy Map Templates and Examples
  • Your Best Content Strategy
  • Your Best Social Media Strategy
  • Your Best Lead Magnet Strategy
  • Your Best Work Style
  • Recommendations for Business Books to Read
  • Recommendations for Software to Use
  • Recommendations for Hardware to Invest In
  • Helpful Prompts Along the Way

Over 60 pages of easy-to-follow marketing strategy help based on your Marketing Personality Type!

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