part 3 (of 3)

Your feel-good
Marketing short cut

written by BRIT KOLO

You’re not going to use the tactics that don't feel good. Because you don’t need to. Because they make you feel like sh*t. And we’re done with feeling like that, right?


But what tactics will you use?

As an ISFP, we know your best marketing strategy includes a Try-Before-You-Buy offer.

Now how do you build an actual marketing strategy, knowing this about yourself?

How do we take what feels good for you as an ISFP and apply it to your entire marketing strategy?

Beyond knowing you're great at helping people feel better with what you provide to them...

What about your social media strategy? How do you make that feel good?

And your content strategy

And your lead magnet strategy? 

All great questions. 

You're beginning to see how your ISFP Marketing Personality Type can be applied to pretty much every single thing in your marketing strategy. 

Which is cool... but where do you start??

With a bunch of trial and error? 

By guessing?

Nope and nope. 

You don't have time for either of those things! So...

i've built a short cut for you.

Instead of kind of knowing about your ISFP Marketing Personality Type and kind of applying it in little bits and pieces of your marketing strategy...

It's time to know exactly how to market your business as an ISFP

  • How to attract new fans and followers to your brand - in a way that feels good to you.
  • How to engage with them on social media - in a way that feels good to you
  • How to earn their contact info by offering a great lead magnet - in a way that feels good to you.
  • How to develop content that keeps your audience coming back for more - in a way that feels good to you

No trial and error.
No guessing. 

Only the marketing advice you need, based on who YOU are.

It's all in your ISFP Marketing Personality Type FULL Report.

A 60-page PDF guide, designed to give you exactly what you need as an ISFP to put your best marketing strategy into action!

ISFP Marketing Personality Type Full Report

Your Marketing Personality Type FULL REPORT gives you:

  • Your Best Marketing Strategy as an ISFP
  • Marketing Strategy Templates and Examples for ISFPs
  • Your Best Content Strategy
  • Your Best Social Media Strategy
  • Your Best Lead Magnet Strategy
  • Your Best Work Style
  • Business Book, Software, and Hardware Recommendations

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