Your Best Marketing Strategy as an intj

INTJ-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
Will Include...

INTJ Marketing Personality, INTJ Personality
an opportunity to build an automated, digital sales funnel with several metrics to track and leverage.
Because of your imaginative, innovative nature, your best sales funnel will often look a bit different than everyone else’s. The unique deviations from the “norm” will be what makes your funnel successful, as it takes into account what others have not yet deduced or thought of.

You are uniquely qualified, in your natural abilities, to craft a brilliant, intuitive, strategic sales funnel that sells your product or service without much manual effort put in. So while many other personality types struggle to formulate a digital sales funnel that produces a positive ROI, you do this without much strain or struggle. 

INTJ Marketing Personality, INTJ Personality
This matters because your power is realized when you implement an innovative strategy you’ve developed and it begins breeding results others didn’t know was possible. It’s within the surprising effectiveness of your unconventional ways where your true power is felt by others. They simply don’t see things quite the way you do and they may doubt you initially, but once they see you’ve made things even better than before, they’re hooked.

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Your Marketing Personality Type Full Report Includes...

  • Your Best Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy Map Templates and Examples
  • Your Best Content Strategy 
  • Your Best Social Media Strategy 
  • Your Best Lead Magnet Strategy 
  • Your Best Work Style
  • Recommendations for Business Books to Read
  • Recommendations for Software to Use
  • Recommendations for Hardware to Invest In 
  • Helpful Prompts Along the Way

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