Your Best Marketing Strategy as an infp

INFP-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
Will Include...

INFP Marketing Personality, INFP Personality
sharing the wealth and attention with other business owners, referral partners, and organizations. In your world, this isn’t all about you. You recognize the power in the collective, bringing people and voices and hands together to make something greater than one’s self.

With this appreciation of the collective, weave your sharing nature into your marketing strategy. Begin by asking yourself, “What mission am I truly on in my business?” Then, “Who else believes in this mission too?”

INFP Marketing Personality, INFP Personality
This matters because your power is realized when you immerse yourself in a cause bigger than yourself and easily, effortlessly give your best energy to that cause. When those around you can see and feel the energy you bring to the grander cause, it inspires, empowers, and catalyzes them to take action too.

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Your Marketing Personality Type Full Report Includes...

  • Your Best Marketing Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy Map Templates and Examples
  • Your Best Content Strategy 
  • Your Best Social Media Strategy 
  • Your Best Lead Magnet Strategy 
  • Your Best Work Style
  • Recommendations for Business Books to Read
  • Recommendations for Software to Use
  • Recommendations for Hardware to Invest In 
  • Helpful Prompts Along the Way

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