YOU matter more
than your Ideal Client Avatar.

written BY BRIT KOLO

Let me be the first to tell you -

YOU matter more than your ideal client avatar. 

Betcha never heard that one before, eh?

Somehow, this statement proves to be pretty radical within the online business landscape because so far, we’ve been told the exact opposite

Your marketing guru has most likely told you something along the lines of…

Figure out who your ideal client avatar (ICA) is.
Figure out where they hang out online. 
Go be there. 
Figure out what they want from you. 
Go be that.

And so you’ve listened to the guru. 

Of course you have. At no fault of your own, you listened. I mean, they seem to have their sh*t together.

They make a lot of money, run “successful” launches, and are basically taking the online business world by storm, so when they tell you to do something, well, you do it.

You buy their course. You binge their podcast. You take notes. You join their online community. You learn the lingo.

And you try to do what they tell you to do.

Figure out who your ICA is.
Figure out where they hang out online.
Go be there.
Figure out what they want from you.
Go be that.

Okay, okay, okay.

And somewhere between realizing your ICA is obsessed with Instagram...

and deleting that long-ass Instagram caption for the 14th time...

because you don’t know how to say what you need to say...

and match it with an attractive graphic...

and then share it to your stories in an engaging way...

to get the followers you need...

to get the leads you need...

and ultimately get the sales you need…

You realize… 


It's SO frustrating! 

I mean, you did what you were supposed to you.

You figured out who your ICA is.
You figured out where they hang out online

     - Instagram.
You went there.
You figured out what they want from you.

     - For you to be the answer to their prayers.
You tried to be that.

And now you’re here. Deleting another Instagram caption. With tense shoulders and shallow breath, trying to figure all of this out.

Instagram, for starters.

And building your email list. And then emailing that list. 
While the voice inside your head questions, Shouldn’t my business be bigger by now? What’s even the point?

And making your website look half-way decent.
While the voice inside your head says, This thing looks like crap compared to Amy’s website. You’re not a designer. You also don’t have money to hire a designer. Sooo shitty-looking website it is, I guess. 

And then actually trying to sell stuff to that ever-important ICA who doesn’t seem to give a crap what you’re saying on Instagram, what your lead magnet is, or what your emails say. Have they even made it to your website yet? 


You’ve been doing #allthethings. 

Following all the rules. 

Doing what these gurus tell you to do. 

Showing up where your ICA is. 

Trying to be what they want you to be.

It’s all felt hard. Is it supposed to be this hard? It looks so easy for Marie and Amy and Jenna. 

It’s all felt fake. Fake it til you make it, right? But when does this fake and salesy feeling go away? Does it go away? 

It’s all felt like a waste. Energy, time, attention, money. Has that all just gone up in smoke?

You are disappointed.

Disappointed with your results. 

Disappointed with the process. 

And ultimately, disappointed with yourself

All the things you’ve done so far to market your business - they seem to work for other people. 

But they’re not working for you. 

So you wonder, What is wrong with me? I must be the problem here.

But what if YOU ARE

NOT the problem here?

What if you’ve been fed a lie about how this is all supposed to work?

What if the system you’ve been taught is fundamentally flawed?

What if your ideal client avatar doesn’t matter that much.

What if YOU matter more than your ICA? 

And because you’ve been so focused on figuring them out, you’ve missed the cues for what will really work in your marketing.

What will really bring clients to your business.

What will really put money in your bank account.

What will really allow you to make the impact you were always here to make.

Because, let’s face it.

With how things have been going, you feel like sh*t right now. 

And I’m pretty sure you didn’t start this business of yours just to end up feeling like a failure. Amiright?

So together - you and me - let’s challenge the system that’s led you to feel like you're not good enough. Let’s see if we can find a better way.

Let’s see if we can market and grow your business...

without the frustration,  

without the disappointment,

without the failure.

You in?


  1. The system has taught you to build your marketing strategy based on who your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) is.
  2. The system got it wrong - YOU matter more than your ICA.
  3. You're about to challenge the system to see if you can market and grow your business without feeling fake and salesy.