How to Use Podia Based on Your Personality Type

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo speaks with Len Markidan, CMO of Podia. In this second of three episodes with Len, you’ll learn how to use Podia specifically based on your personality type. Join the Podia Pop-Up Membership today at (open until Feb 27, 2020).

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How to Use Podia Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. I’m Brit Kolo, the founder of Marketing and your host. 

Today we are back with Len Markidan, the CMO of Podia, for our second episode in this 3-episode series where Len and I are giving you a full rundown of what Podia is all about and how to use it in your business.

And today’s episode is where we’re going to get super specific and talk about how each personality type can use the Podia platform in their unique,  most feel-good ways. 

Before we get to that though, hey, if you haven’t listened to last week’s episode, #147, eeeerrrr hold up. Go back to that one, listen through, it’s a really fun one where Len and I give you the rundown of what Podia is, what Len’s role is at Podia, the company’s start-up story, and in that episode, we made the big announcement about our Pop-Up Membership and epic giveaway that’s going on right now. So back to that one to get up to speed.

Alright now let’s get into this episode, #2 of 3.

What is Podia?

A quick reminder: As Len puts it, Podia serves creative entrepreneurs – anyone who wants to make money through their skills and passions – by selling digital products like courses, digital downloads, and memberships

But also does NOT want to duct tape a bunch of different software together in order to do that! 

So Podia comes in as an all-in-one platform that allows you to sell your digital products AND supports that selling by offering email marketing, a live chat support feature, customizable web page design, and an online storefront. 

Len’s Role at Podia 

Len is the Chief Marketing Officer at Podia, overseeing and strategizing Podia’s marketing strategy. Overall, Podia takes an education-focused route to their marketing strategy, aiming to educate creative entrepreneurs on the possibilities and opportunities of selling digital products and then supporting them in doing so. 

Podia’s Mission

Podia is on a mission to empower creative entrepreneurs to make a living online, selling and teaching what they love to people across the world. Ten years ago, that wasn’t possible. Today, it is – HALLELUJAH! – and Podia helps us do that. 

How to Use Podia Based on Your Personality Type

Here, I’ll break down what Podia features will be most useful and interesting to the different Marketing Personality Types. 

Online Courses

For our natural teachers;

Digital Downloads

For those with great tools, templates, guides;

NOTE: You can use Podia to deliver your lead magnets, too! So if you have an ebook or template or PDF as a lead magnet, an easy way to deliver that lead magnet to your new subscriber is through Podia. 


For our natural community hosts; 

And don’t forget – Podia also allows you to email your customers and subscribers right through their platform, which is great for those of you who really care about communication. 

Podia is Easy AND Customizable at the same time.

We’ve talked at length in these episodes how easy Podia is to use for the Creator. It is so drag-and-drop simple, you can’t screw it up. 

But for those of you who like to customize everything and make it your own, you’re able to do that too. As Len puts it, the customization abilities of Podia really depend on how deep you really want to go. 

It’s been developed to be so easy for even the least “techy” of us to figure out. But for those of you who like to customize every little thing, you’ll be able to do that with the page Editor feature and also an embeddable Buy Button that you can code into any site you own. 

See What Podia is Really Like

Len and I put together a Pop-Up Membership that you can join for free by going to When you join for free there, you’ll gain access to our Pop-Up Membership site so you can click around and really experience all these features we’ve been raving about. 

Plus, and this is so nuts. When you join that pop-up membership, you automatically get entered to win a whole year of Podia for FREE. One super lucky pop-up member will win an entire year of Podia for free!

Amazing. So get in there now – it’s only open until February 27, 2020 at

Click here to join the Pop-Up Membership!

And that’s all for this second episode in our 3-episode series. Len and I will be back next week for our final episode where we’ll be discussing Podia’s mission – what they’re really here to do for their customers and what is next for their company. I can’t wait for you to hear this, to get an inside look at how Podia is ready and just waiting to serve you (and me!) as their Creators. 

Talk to you then!