How to Use Mantras in Your Business and Marketing

This is the feel-good mantra I’ve been repeating to myself for about a month and a half now. ⁠

It first came up in a session with my coach and as soon as she said it, I rifled through my desk drawer for my post-its and sharpies, jotted it down, and pasted it on the wall right above my MacBook screen where it’s hung ever since. ⁠

And while I see it in my periphery all day, every day, it’s still very much a PRACTICE for me to approach my business in this way. ⁠

My natural tendency until now has been to control, command, and try to MAKE stuff happen. Not SEE what happens. ⁠

And now I’m choosing to shift this. ⁠

One of the millions of things I’ve learned in the past few months of being quiet online—that I simply feel better when I’m experimenting and testing things, rather than trying to get a specific result. ⁠

And when I feel good, my audience feels good. ⁠

Sometimes that starts with a feel-good mantra. ⁠

Why choose a mantra for your business?

Because you get to choose your thoughts.

If you don’t choose them consciously, you run the risk of allowing unconscious thoughts rule. Sure, some of those unconscious, automatic thought patterns are positive and helpful. Buuutttt some of them are downright fatal to your business and honestly, your dreams.

🧠 Thoughts like…
This has to work this time.
It’s going to be super hard.
I’m a terrible writer.
I’m just not good at marketing.
I hate sales.
No matter how hard I try, I still don’t hit my goals.
I really need people to like this.
I just can’t win.

Any of those ring a bell?

Uh yeah. 😬 This is why choosing feel-good mantras is so powerful. Because those mantras come in and begin to reprogram your thoughts to be more helpful. They essentially create the life and business you want to have.

❓What unhelpful thought would you like to stop repeating to yourself today?
❓And what will you replace it with?

A List of Mantras to Choose From

It can feel difficult to come up with your own mantra at first. What makes a good mantra? What does my mantra need to be about?

My best advice is to start by reframing a negative thought pattern into a more positive, helpful one.

For instance, maybe you find you struggle with time management. The continuous thought plaguing you is, “I just don’t have enough time.” To reframe this and start creating the reality you want to live, you could use the mantra, “I have all the time in the world.” Or, “I create time.” Or, “I am a master at time management.”

Even in the beginning when these mantras don’t feel 100% true, they’ll subconsciously get your brain working in more productive, helpful ways. All of a sudden, you’re making better decisions about your time and ultimately, you’ll begin living this truth you’ve been telling yourself.

Other common reframed thought patterns:

❌ “The first five years of business are the hardest, so of course I’m struggling.”
✅ “Business is easy. I was made for this.”

❌ “I’ve never been a good writer.”
✅ “My writing gets better every time I practice it.”

❌ “I just don’t measure up to my competition.”
✅ “I’m a strong competitor and easily win.”

What might YOUR feel-good mantra be right now? ⁠

Here are a few that have served me well in the past: ⁠
✨ My success is inevitable.
✨ I am abundance. ⁠
✨ All is well. ⁠
✨ I am always on the right path. ⁠
✨ It’s easy to receive. ⁠

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How to Use Mantras in Your Day-to-Day Business and Marketing Efforts

This is the fun part. And easy!

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