How to Share Marketing Personalities With Your Clients

You can see that your clients, customers, and audience members need to know their Marketing Personality Types®, right? And so you’re wondering how to best share Marketing Personalities with them.

There are TWO great ways to share Marketing Personalities with your clients and work it into your client process:

  1. Become an affiliate and share your affiliate link to your client’s Marketing Personality Type® Full Report. 
    This option is great if you’d like your client or audience member to purchase their own Full Report. You’ll receive 20% commission on every sale through your link. 
  2. Purchase Full Reports in bulk and share them with your clients. 
    This option is great if you’d like to purchase a Full Report for your client and then give them access to it. 

    Here’s how it works:
    1. You email with the number of Full Reports you’d like to order in bulk (10 or more) at a 20% discount ($23.20 per).
    2. We invoice you the total amount. 
    3. Once the invoice is paid in full, we’ll email you a special promo code to share with your clients. 
    4. Your client will go to, purchase their Full Report, and when using their promo code, will pay $0 for it. 

      IMPORTANT: Doing it this way ensures that the client always has access to their Full Report because they create their own login to Teachable, where the Full Reports are stored. 

Which of these two options will be the best for you and your clients?

If you’re still not sure, please email us at and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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