How to NOT Feel Fake and Salesy When Marketing a Business

Does marketing a business and selling your stuff leave you feeling fake and salesy?
You’re not alone. So many – TOO many – business owners are out there marketing a business in ways they think they “should” and those tactics feel fake and salesy and smarmy and awkward and just plain inauthentic to them.
And even worse, you might think something’s wrong with you if marketing a business feels gross. You might assume you’re just “not good at marketing” or you “suck at sales.”
But, friend, I’m here to tell you that’s just not true.
After working with so many different types of people and Marketing Personality Types, I’m sure that marketing does NOT have to feel fake and salesy and there’s certainly nothing wrong with you if you haven’t found marketing that feels good to you yet.
I’m going to help you find it right now.

Here are the 6 Steps to NOT Feel Fake and Salesy When Marketing a Business

  1. Remember, you didn’t go against the grain, quit your job, and start a business to end up feeling crappy about one major factor of business growth – marketing.
  2. Believe, really believe, marketing doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass. It can actually feel really good to show up and market your business. These people and so many more have found this to be true.
  3. Believe, really believe, that what you bring to the table – your personality, your strengths – are enough. That you don’t have to be anyone but yourself to market your business well, bring in more revenue, and grow your company.
  4. Find your Marketing Personality Type right here to learn what your best, feel-good marketing strategy looks like, based on your Myers-Briggs Type.
  5. Decide to show up in the way your Marketing Personality Type suggests. Lean into it! Play around with it. Give it a true shot.
  6. Let go of the tactics and strategies that were never meant for you. The ones that left you feeling fake and salesy in the first place. BYE, FELICIA.
Now, go out and feel good while marketing, selling, and growing your business. You can do this.
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