How to Make the Most of a Conference Based on Your Personality Type with Brit Kolo

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo gives you suggestions on how to make the most of your next conference or virtual summit experience based on your personality type. This episode will help you stay excited and energized after a conference or summit and put the right things into play in your business so you avoid intense overwhelm.

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Make the Most of a Conference Episode Summary:

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast! I’m Brit Kolo and I’m here solocast style to bring you my recommendations on how to make the most of a live conference or virtual summit based on your personality type.

There are so many conferences and summits to attend every year for entrepreneurs. They’re exciting, exhilarating, and have the potential to catalyze you into great business growth.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. I often see entrepreneurs come home from a big conference, having learned SO MUCH about new trends and new ways to market and run their businesses, with their heads absolutely spinning.

They learned a lot. They got so inspired. And then they come home and find themselves unclear on where to begin.

Or, on the other hand, they come home thinking they need to put into action “the next big thing” that was presented at the conference and that “next big thing” is not only over-hyped, but it’s also in opposition to their Marketing Personality Type. So even if they do put this “next big thing” into play, it’ll feel icky and fake and salesy and won’t work in the long run.

What's your Marketing Personality Type? Find out here!

Now let’s add on the fact that these entrepreneurs have invested money into a conference ticket, the flight to and from the host city, a hotel stay, plenty of meals, probably a new outfit or two, transportation here and there and everywhere and a couple hundred or thousand dollars later…

They’ve learned a lot. But they come home and fail to put anything meaningful into play.

Whomp whomp. Whatta bummer.

But I know there’s a better way to do this. And not surprisingly, YOUR best way to get the most out of a conference or summit experience is based on your personality type.

Here’s how to get the most of a conference or summit based on your personality type:

As an Analyst


Following a conference, you have to start by remembering your “big picture” goals. You already have those imagined and set. I know you do. It’s part of who you are. Remember those clearly. Even make a list of what your big picture goals are.

Now go through your conference notes and identify which tactics, strategies, and bits of wisdom serve that big picture and which ones don’t. Undoubtedly, you’ll come across a few things that will ultimately be distractions from your big goals. Throw those out. Cross them out in your notebook. You don’t need those.

Then take your short list of things that will help you in reaching your big-picture goals and fit them into your overall strategy. Do they need to be done right away? Does one specific strategy need to wait til next year to be put into play? Strategize strategize strategize until you have a solid, step-by-step plan.

When you get back to your office, start with Step One.

As a Diplomat


Following a conference, remember why you went to the conference in the first place. Did you get out of this learning experience what you went in for? If so, focus in on those learnings first. As you put them into play, remember why they matter to you. The WHY is so crucial for your best work to be realized. Always start there.

And if you ended up getting out of this conference something you didn’t expect, check yourself. Ask yourself WHY this new thing matters more than the thing you originally attended the conference for. Make sure you’re not getting distracted by something shiny and new. Make sure you’re headed in a new, purposeful direction with a solid WHY behind it.

As a Sentinel


Following a conference, organize and reorganize! (Not surprising in the least, eh Sentinels?) Take that conference notebook, all of your digital notes too, and reorganize them. Work through them line by line and get them in an order that makes sense to you. By doing this reorganization process, you’ll make more sense of what you learned and will be able to easily identify what matters and what doesn’t.

Remember, you don’t need to do all the things. Just the things that will move the needle forward in your business.

As an Explorer


Following a conference, choose that one thing that’s sticking out to you – the thing that’s calling your name and that you’re really excited about – and go put that ONE thing into play. Notice I said “one.” Just one thing. Choose it and GO! Get your hands dirty. Give that one thing a good shot for at least the next 30-90 days.

It’s all about action for you, so go go go. Don’t stop to think about it. Get something into action and iterate from there.

What's your Marketing Personality Type? Find out here!

When it comes to filtering through all the marketing-related information you’ve learned at a conference or summit, you just have to do one thing:

Come home to your own Marketing Personality Type.

You’ve undoubtedly been around a bunch of personalities and influences over the past few days. Following a conference, every single one of us will do well to recenter ourselves on who we naturally, individually are.

Remember what feels good to you.

Review your Marketing Personality Type Full Report to tap back into what your best marketing strategy includes, and what your worst marketing strategy includes too, so you can remember what to lean into and what to stay away from.

The next time you attend a live conference or a virtual summit and you use your personalized recommendations, listed above, share your experience on Instagram and tag us @marketingpersonalities . I can’t wait to see how this helps you!

You want to make the most of a conference when you go to one. Here's How to Make the Most of a Conference or Summit Based on Your Personality Type with Brit Kolo on the Marketing Personalities Podcast