How to Get the Most Out of The Portal, Based on Personality Type

The Marketing Personalities Portal is officially open for NEW MEMBERS. And if you’re reading this during Founding Members Week (September 28 – October 2, 2020) it’s the best time ever to get in! 

Now, The Portal sales page goes into great detail of what this thing is, why it exists, who it helps, what it’s designed to do. 

In short, The Portal is the membership community where business owners get real results from #marketingthatfeelsgood.

It’s where you take what you’ve learned about your Marketing Personality Type, finally implement your best marketing strategy, and reap the rewards—hitting your goals, earning more money, attracting more customers, signing better clients, etc. 

How does The Portal set you up to get real results?

It provides 3 core solutions:

  1. The Marketing Strategy Mapping Course
  2. Access to Marketing Personalities Experts
  3. Access to other business owners who GET YOU because they share your personality type

All three of these solutions are valuable. No matter who you are, you’ll be helped by all three at some point in your journey within The Portal. 

Now, let’s go a bit deeper and see which of the three you’ll find MOST helpful. 

You’ll find The Course MOST helpful if you’re an… 


Why? Because there’s a strong part of you who craves a clean-cut, clear plan of action to execute on. The Course walks you step-by-step through mapping your clear marketing strategy so you can then implement it efficiently, not to mention, effectively. 

Could you join just to get The Course and then cancel your membership? You CAN! Feel free. You can cancel at anytime. I have a feeling you’ll want to stick around once you see how the other two solutions provide value to you too, but hey, see for yourself.

You’ll find The Experts MOST helpful if you’re an… 


Why? Because there’s a strong part of you who values the efficiency of getting answers to your unique questions. You get to ask your specific question, get a personalized answer from an Expert, and then move on. No. More. Waffling. 🙌 

And for a few of you (INFJ, INFP, and ENFJ), you’ll find great value in being able to have a conversation with a real human who genuinely cares about your success. Just because we’ll be in a big community together doesn’t mean our answers will be surface-level. We’ll get to go deep! 

You’ll find The People Who Get You MOST helpful if you’re an… 


Why? Because there’s a strong part of you who does things differently from the online marketing majority. By connecting with others like you within The Portal, you’ll gain great confidence in YOUR way. No. More. Second-guessing. 🙌 

Now that you can see how to make the most of The Portal, I do hope you’ll join us. 

I can’t wait to welcome you in!

Questions about The Portal? Leave them in the comment below OR email!