How to Find Your Marketing Personality Type

Imagine for a second what could become possible if marketing your business and selling your products and services…

Felt easy.
Felt natural.
Felt GOOD.

If marketing no longer felt fake and salesy.

Could your days and weeks go smoother?
Could you feel more confident?
Could you grow your business to the size you’ve always dreamt of?

Spoiler alert: I’ve developed a tried-and-true way to ensure your marketing strategy doesn’t leave you feeling fake, salesy, smarmy, pushy, and all the other negative words associated with marketing and sales.

And it’s already proving to offer major shifts in the lives and businesses of the people who’ve encountered it.

And you can access it now, too… for free.

Just a sec – I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, here’s why your marketing strategy feels fake and salesy:

Your marketing strategy doesn’t feel good right now because it has been developed based on who your ideal client is.

You may be thinking: Wait, what? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to? Figure out who our ideal client (aka client avatar) is, where they hang out online, give them some valuable content, and offer them our stuff?

Well, sure. Considering your ideal client is one piece of developing a marketing strategy.

But by only considering your ideal client, you’re skipping a huge, crucial step in marketing strategy development.

By only considering your ideal client, you’re heading right down the path of feeling fake and salesy in order to get them to pay you.

You might also feel fake and salesy because…

You’re using someone else’s marketing strategy, hoping it’ll work for you as well as it did for them.

We’ve all done this before.

We listen to a podcast about how someone grew their business to six or seven figures by leveraging Facebook Group Challenges and we think to ourselves, “THAT’S IT! I HAVE TO DO A CHALLENGE! THAT’S WHAT’S GOING TO MAKE THIS THING WORK!

So we set out to build this big, elaborate Facebook challenge and this big, awesome automated sales funnel…

And eventually it all ends up feeling gross. Fake. Salesy. Awkward.

And it never produces the results we were really hoping for.

I’m here to show you that there’s a better way to developing a marketing strategy.

There’s a better way to develop a marketing strategy – a way that doesn’t involve bending over backward for your ideal client and a way that doesn’t involve chasing after someone else’s successes.

A way that doesn’t feel fake and salesy.

Here’s the secret:

To market your business in a feel-good way, you must start with YOU.

Not with your ideal client.
Not with someone else’s “brilliant” strategy.
Not with throwing spaghetti at the proverbial wall either.

Start with YOU.

Begin by understanding what makes YOU tick because YOU are the person behind the marketing messages and sales.

If we can base your marketing strategy on what feels good and natural to YOU, you get to show up as your BEST SELF to your audience.

And your best self is MAGNETIC, friend.

As you step into your power – into what feels good to you – your ideal client will naturally gravitate to you.

I get it. I know it sounds too good to be true. And maybe a little law-of-attraction-woo-woo-hippie-dippie.

But it’s not.

I’ve been developing marketing strategies based on the business owner – specifically, their Myers-Briggs Personality Type – within my one-on-one marketing coaching for over a year now…

And. it. works.

Connecting one’s personality type with their best marketing strategy has proven itself to work, time and time again.

After receiving more and more feedback about how I had tapped into something special with my Marketing Personality Framework from my one-on-one clients, I decided this marketing approach could no longer remain in a spreadsheet in my Google Drive or even just within my one-on-one conversations with my clients.

It had to live and expand on its own designated place on this incredible thing we call “the Internet.”

And YOU had to be able to access your own Marketing Personality whenever you needed to, without having a conversation with me personally.

So now you can. Now you can!

(It feels so good to say that!)

How to find your Marketing Personality Type?

You can now find out what YOUR BEST MARKETING STRATEGY will include FOR FREE, based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type right here on this website,!

Even before I began promoting the site, a few of my audience members caught wind of it (whoops/yay) and are totally digging it:

Praise for from Sofia of

Praise for Marketing Personalities from Sofia and Nikki

Sofia and Nikki – Can’t thank you enough for finding this before I even intended you to! Hah! It gave me ALL THE FEELS to know it resonated with you so quickly.

So let’s do this!

Click here to find out what YOUR BEST MARKETING STRATEGY will include!

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