How to Debrief Your Month Based on Personality Type

I’ve followed a monthly debrief routine for years now. My monthly debrief helps me reflect on what just happened in the previous month and then set intentions moving into my next month.

I didn’t really think much of this process until the other day when I posted this Instagram post. As I was writing it, I realized it might be helpful for me to share this Debrief Process with you.

I checked with my followers – would this be helpful? And…


So, here we go.

The Purpose of a Consistent Debrief Process

Why debrief your month?

Plain and simple – a month is a long time. It’s a short time, but it’s a long time. And without consistent, at-least-monthly reflection, I feel myself lose intentionality in my decisions and my direction.

My Debrief Process grounds me into what happened, what worked, what didn’t, and how I consciously choose to show up because of what I’ve learned.

The Parts of My Debrief Process

Overall, this is pretty simple. And that’s ON PURPOSE.

No one wants to invest hours and hours of their month to debriefing and then setting intentions for the future.

Okay, well, maybe those in the Sentinel Tribe do. But the other ~75% of the population, including me, would rather this be super simple.

Here’s what I cover in my Debrief:

  1. What happened in the past month?
    Simple braindump a list of allll the things you can remember happening in the past month.
  2. What was my favorite day of the month?
    I pick a favorite day and then write the story of that day so it can be remembered forever. Yes, I’m that much of a romantic.
  3. What were my intentions going into the past month?
    I do this Debrief every single month, so I pull out my Debrief doc from the month prior and copy/paste the intentions I had set a month earlier.
  4. What went well?
  5. What didn’t go well?
  6. What will I do differently next time?
  7. What are my intentions for the month ahead?
  8. What will I say YES to in the month ahead?
  9. What will I say NO to in the month ahead?
  10. ACTION STEP: I prepare my Google Calendar and all other tracking materials for the month ahead.

Download the Debrief Template here

Take a Peek at a Recent Debrief

Here’s my most recent Debrief, at the time of this post going live.

Before diving into your own Debrief, it may be helpful to see what my answers to these questions look like.

And, as always, feel free to make your answers look any way you want! It’s YOUR Debrief, after all.

How to Debrief Your Month Based on Personality Type

Now, we can take my Debrief Process and adjust it to better fit you, based on your personality type.

Why? Because unless you’re me (which… you’re not) you think and feel and live and experience life differently than I do.

Knowing your personality type can give you indication of what other questions to ask yourself in your own Debrief Process to create an even more impactful experience for you.

So I encourage you to add these questions, based on your personality type, to your Debrief Process, and see how they feel to you.

Additional Debrief Questions for the Analyst Tribe


HOW questions matter most to Analysts. Bonus points for quantification with numbers.

  1. How do I see myself implementing those intentions?
  2. What’s the game plan for implementation of my intentions?
  3. What numbers are related to my intentions and how can I quantify my results?

Additional Debrief Questions for the Diplomat Tribe


WHY questions matter most to Diplomats.

  1. Why did the past month go like it did?
  2. Why do my intentions for the month ahead matter to me?

*PRO TIP for Diplomat Tribe Members: You can’t ask WHY? enough. So keep asking it, drilling down into why things turned out the way they did and why you’re moving forward with these new intentions. Get to the heart of the matter.

Additional Debrief Questions for the Sentinel Tribe


WHO questions matter most to Sentinels.

  1. Who helped me this past month?
  2. Who did I help most this past month?
  3. Who would I like to help in the month ahead?
  4. Who do I need help from in the month ahead?

Additional Debrief Questions for the Explorer Tribe


WHAT questions matter most to Explorers.

  1. What is great about this moment I’m in right now?
  2. What do I need to acquire in order to uphold my intentions?
  3. What’s the most important of all my intentions?

Download the Debrief Template Here