Here’s Your Marketing Secret Weapon

You’re looking for a marketing secret weapon – a strategy that actually works. I hear you. You’d pretty much do anything to just have your marketing work.
No more spit-balling. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall. No more wasting time and money and energy on your marketing strategy.
You want a marketing strategy that effectively and efficiently brings new leads in and those leads buy.
I hear you.
And you’re surfing the web trying to find some inspiration for a new, better strategy. A secret weapon.
There’s got to be something out there that will make a huge impact on my business.
Amen. You’ve found it. It’s going to seem a bit counterintuitive, but hear me out.

Here’s Your Marketing Secret Weapon:

To make a huge impact on your business, I suggest showing up as yourself. 
Stop creating strategies with only your ideal customer in mind and start creating strategies based on what’s going to feel good for you to execute on.
The idea of defining your ideal customer is to get focused in on one real or fabricated person’s wants and needs and if you could do that sufficiently, your business and marketing tactics would be hyper-attractive to them and they’d easily want to buy from you.
And it makes perfect sense. Create something that another human wants and needs, tell them about it in a way they’ll understand, and yes, they might want to invest in it.
Truly, it’s not a bad question to ask, “Who is my ideal customer and what do they want and need from me?
It’s simply a bad FIRST question. 
See, because when you develop a strategy solely based on your ideal customer, you might create something helpful for them, but something completely soul-sucking for you.
I see it all the time. Entrepreneurs create this magnificent product or service offering and then when they attempt to market it, they clam up. They feel fake and salesy about the whole damn thing.
One is trying creating videos and it feels nearly impossible.
Another sits down to write a blog post and nothing comes out.
And a third attempts to be interviewed on a podcast but no one will accept them as a guest.
Why? Because they suck at marketing?
NO! No one sucks at marketing. 
It’s because they’re marketing their business with only their ideal customer in mind, having never taken a good look at themselves first. 
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So, again, if you employ this suggestion, you’ll have a serious marketing secret weapon in your business:

First, consider how YOU are naturally wired. What marketing strategy is going to feel the best, the most natural, for you to implement? When you zero in on marketing that feels good to you, you’ll actually implement the strategy consistently AND your ideal customer will be naturally attracted to the good energy you’re bringing to the table.
And then consider what your ideal customer needs to see from you in order for them to invest.
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What's your Marketing Personality Type? Find out here!
Once you’ve worked YOU into your marketing strategy, things will become easier, they’ll feel better, and your business will have the opportunity to grow in a meaningful way.
Your marketing secret weapon is your Marketing Personality Type. What's yours?