“Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” is often terrible advice

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo shares her opinion about the common advice to “get out of your comfort zone” as an entrepreneur. She finds it to be typically bad advice because we, as entrepreneurs, aren’t actually IN our comfort zones. So how is it that we need to get out of them? Listen in to hear this reframe.

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Comfort Zone Episode Summary:

I hear and you hear this common advice all the time:

Get out of your comfort zone. 

The results you want lie outside of your comfort zone. 

Don’t expect great results until you get out of your comfort zone. 

And I mean, I get it. There’s something to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to go for something better than what you have now.

AND I think this advice is totally bogus as it relates to your marketing strategy.

The problem with this advice is that it assumes you’re already in your comfort zone.

But the vast majority of entrepreneurs I meet and speak with who are struggling with their marketing strategy and who are not getting the results they expected… they’re not coming from their comfort zone.

Their problem is not that they’re currently in their comfort zone and need to get out of it.

No. The problem is that they have never actually found their comfort zone in the first place.

They walked into this business world being told what to do, how to market. They found the gurus with the loud voices and the microphones standing on stages and they listened.

Gary tells me to make a YouTube channel, okay I’m gonna go make a YouTube channel.

Amy tells me to host a webinar, okay, I’ll do that.

Frank tells me to set up these 57-step email sequences for my non-existent email list, alright, whatever you say, Frank.

Pat tells me to start a podcast because anyone who doesn’t have a podcast obviously doesn’t want to succeed, well heck I want to succeed so I better start a podcast.

And this person, this well-meaning entrepreneur who just wants to reach their goals and support their family and do work they feel honored to do…

Never even thought to be in their comfort zone.

No. All they’ve tried is doing what everyone else tells them to do and because all of that stuff felt fake or salesy or complicated or out of alignment or just plain hard, they didn’t fall back to their comfort zones.

They fell into this weird limbo. This weird limbo where they know in their heart of hearts they have a good idea and they could serve people and help people if they could just get their solution into these people’s hands.

And they try to do that. They’ve followed the rules. They’ve listened and followed the templates and the courses and they’ve TRIED.

But it’s not working.

And then they hear that they just need to step out of their comfort zone and things will start to work for them.



The problem is not that you haven’t stepped far enough out of your comfort zone.

The problem is that you’ve never been in your comfort zone.

Because until you find your comfort zone – or what I’d call marketing that feels good, which would be based on your Marketing Personality Type – you won’t get the results you’re really looking for.

And until you use and leverage and lean into your actual marketing comfort zone, based on your Marketing Personality Type, you have no idea HOW to step out of your comfort zone to see how capable you really are.

Because sure, stepping out of your comfort zone might actually help you grow bigger and scale faster and get you to all the places you’ve always wanted to go.

But if you just push yourself harder in any direction that some marketing guru tells you to without first being grounded in what feels good to you, forget it. It won’t work.

Because when you feel good, your audience feels good.

And I think you CAN feel good when stepping a little out of your comfort zone. That can be exhilarating and you can be magnetic from that place of stretch and growth.

But not until you actually find your comfort zone and use it, get comfortable there, see results coming in. Then step out.

To my new listeners who haven’t found out what your marketing comfort zone may be, based on your personality type, it’s super simple – visit marketingpersonalities.com to find out.

And to my longtime listeners who know their Marketing Personality Type but haven’t really trusted it enough to go all-in on it and have gotten distracted by this “get out of your comfort zone” nonsense, hey, come on back. Come on back, honor yourself and what feels good to you. Commit to that, use it, leverage it, get results from it. Then we’ll talk about stepping a bit beyond that comfort zone to see what else you’re capable of. Okay?


Hey, thanks for listening.

I’ll catch you back here next week on the Marketing Personalities Podcast. Bye