Event Hosting Ideas for ENFP Marketing Personality Types®

I received an email the other day from a long-time follower of Marketing Personalities. She’s an ENFP Marketing Personality Type® and she asked,

“I purchased your ENFP Full Report about the best marketing strategies for me and it talks a lot about hosting workshops and classes, but I’m in the travel agent field and I’m not sure how to bridge that gap? Do you have any examples about different strategies for different careers?”

ENFP Travel Agent

This happens A LOT. Someone reaches out asking some variation of, “Your recommendations sound great, but how do I apply it MY industry?”

Fair question.

My answer is almost always some variation of: GET CREATIVE.

With approximately three full minutes of creative brainstorming, I came up with these five events an ENFP travel agent could host for their clients and/or referral network. I could keep going, but I think five gives you a good sense of, OH! GETTING CREATIVE MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK.

Here are 5 Event Hosting Ideas for an ENFP Marketing Personality Type® Travel Agent

  1. Cultural immersion nights: Set up an event where clients can learn about the culture, food, and traditions of a specific destination. You can invite a local expert or chef to give a presentation, provide samples of local cuisine, and showcase traditional music or dance.
  2. Travel photography workshops: Many travelers love to take pictures during their trips. Hosting a photography workshop can help clients improve their skills and share tips on capturing the best moments of their travels. You could also showcase some of your own travel photography to inspire and educate your clients.
  3. Destination showcase events: Host an event where you highlight a specific destination or region. You can provide information on the best attractions, activities, and accommodations, and even offer exclusive discounts to clients who book trips during the event.
  4. Travel-themed movie nights: Screen movies that take place in exotic locations or that showcase inspiring travel stories. You can provide snacks and drinks to create a fun and relaxing environment for clients to enjoy the films.
  5. Travel planning workshops: Many clients may feel overwhelmed when planning a trip. Offer a workshop to help them navigate the process, from choosing a destination to booking flights and accommodations. You can provide templates, checklists, and other resources to make it easier for clients to plan their dream vacations.

Now, if you’re an ENFP Marketing Personality Type®, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re also a travel agent. So, let’s use my five ideas to craft five event hosting ideas for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

A Template for Event Hosting Ideas for ENFP Personality Types®

Try filling in the blanks with your unique specialty:

  • ______________ Immersion Night
  • ______________ How-To Workshop
  • ______________ Showcase Event
  • ______________ Movie Night
  • ______________ Planning Workshop
  • ______________ Immersion Experience
  • Intro to ______________ Beginners’ Class
  • ______________ Half-Day Retreat
  • ______________ Lunch Break
  • ______________ Club Meet-Up
  • ______________ Live Recording*
    *If you host a podcast or YouTube show, host a live recording where there’s a live audience!
  • ______________ End-Of-The-_____ Celebration
  • ______________ Hybrid* Event
    *Where you collaborate with a complementary business owner or service provider to co-host a special event.

A Reminder for ENFP Marketing Personality Types® As You Begin Planning an Event:

HAVE FUN. The whole point of hosting an event is for you to show up in your sparkliest, best light where you’re engaging with the room and helping everyone feel seen and heard and welcomed. If the planning of this event takes you out of the ‘fun’, consider outsourcing that part so you can simply HOST. That’s your special magic here.

Outsourcing not feasible? Another great option is to COLLABORATE with a complementary business owner or service provider on this project. This way you can share the load of planning AND get in front of their audience as well as your own.