Your Best Marketing Strategy as an eSTP

ESTP-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
Will Include...

ESTP Marketing Personality, ESTP Personality
direct sales conversations. For you, there’s no need for long indoctrination periods. You’re best when you can cut to the chase and directly ask your potential customer for the sale.

You especially enjoy high-stakes situations, so creating a strategy that involves a big launch with direct calls to action will feel good for you. Beyond product and services launch periods, aim to have as many one-to-one conversations as possible. 

It’s within these directly conversations you get to connect and know your prospective customer even better. You naturally pick up on subtle clues they’re giving you about what they really want and need from your business. You then take those subtle clues and offer them something they just can’t refuse.

ESTP Marketing Personality, ESTP Personality
This matters because your power is realized when you communicate with people in a naturally bold and direct way, while still making them feel heard and respected. You read a person quickly and honor the energy others bring to the table, while still finding a way to work your agenda. This respect for others, while still getting business done, is where your true power lies.

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