Your Best Marketing Strategy as an estj

ESTJ-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
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ESTJ Marketing Personality, ESTJ Personality
offering an affiliate or ambassador program, full of people marketing and selling your services or products for you. You are a natural catalyst of action. While others might struggle to motivate people to take action, it seems as though you were born to get people to move and get things done.

Use this natural skill by developing a fair affiliate program for your most loyal, excited followers where they can earn a commission or incentive every time they refer a sale to you. You already know what motivates people to act. Now build that intel into your affiliate program to maximize its effectiveness.

ESTJ Marketing Personality, ESTJ Personality
This matters because your power
is realized when  the many moving parts you’re managing are all working properly. How you keep all the plates spinning is a wonder to most people. Others crumble under the pressure you find oddly comforting. Sure, a ball gets dropped every once in a while, but you usually have things in such great working order it’s not a concern. This surprises others and your power is obviously seen as you’re juggling all the things without panic.

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Your Marketing Personality Type Full Report Includes...

  • Your Best Marketing Strategy
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    Marketing Strategy Map Templates and Examples
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    Your Best Content Strategy
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    Your Best Social Media Strategy
  • Your Best Lead Magnet Strategy
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    Your Best Work Style
  • Recommendations for Business Books to Read
  • Recommendations for Software to Use
  • Recommendations for Hardware to Invest In
  • Helpful Prompts Along the Way

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