Your Best Marketing Strategy as an esfj

ESFJ-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
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ESFJ Marketing Personality, ESFJ Personality
organizing and hosting group experiences with the central value of friendship and enjoyment. You not only love connecting with others - you also enjoy when others meet and become friends with each other. With your hyper-organized side, you’re able to plan and execute the perfect event, even with many moving parts.

From small dinner party to a massive conference, consider who you might invite to an event that would propel your business forward. Also consider what events you, yourself, could take part in order to make new business friends and connections. You connect with people so effortlessly, instances when you can make friends and network at the same time are the best.

ESFJ Marketing Personality, ESFJ Personality
This matters because your power
is realized when you connect with even those who don’t usually fit in and are loyal to your friends no matter what. You’re the first to notice and befriend the outcast, the one who feels like they’re “on the outs.” You bring them into the group naturally and make them feel special while doing it. Your true power is within your willingness to be friendly to literally everyone you meet, not just in the short-term, but in the long-term too.  

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