Your Best Marketing Strategy as aN ENFP

ENFP-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
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ENFP Marketing Personality, ENFP Personality
hosting small group live events and workshops, presenting yourself as the host and teacher. You recognize the power in the collective, bringing people, voices, and hands together to make something greater than one’s self. At the same time, you recognize that you can lead the group forward in a noticeable way without being imposing or commanding.

You can leverage your natural balance between Me and We by hosting small, intimate gatherings and creating change through fostering meaningful conversation. 

See, you have an air of wisdom about you, similar to that of someone who takes on the Matriarch or Patriarch role in a family. So as you bring your audience members together, you make them feel at home, prompt them with thoughtful questions, and offer your guidance in the most perfect teaching moments.

ENFP Marketing Personality, ENFP Personality
This matters because your power is realized when you step into the Matriarch or Patriarch role, being seen as both the gatherer of the people and also their guide and mentor. Interestingly, it’s often the meaningful questions you ask to those you’ve gathered together than makes a lasting impact.

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