Your Best Marketing Strategy as a Campaigner

ENFP-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
Will Include...

ENFP Marketing Personality, ENFP Personality
hosting live events and workshops, presenting yourself as the host and a mentor.

You will feel best doing this in intimate, unique settings, pulling together people who don’t know each other well but see you as a dear friend. Seeking opportunities to host small and large groups of people will be part of your best marketing strategy.

ENFP Marketing Personality, ENFP Personality
THIS MATTERS BECAUSE your power is realized when your potential client can see how you naturally, effortlessly gather and befriend everyone you meet.

They see you as their friend, confidante, and often take on a Mama Bear or Papa Bear role for them and the community you’ve developed.

Now Find Out How to
Put Your Strategy Into ACTION!

ENFP marketing personality type full report

Your Full Report Includes...

  • An Easy-to-Follow Map of Your Best Marketing Strategy
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    3 Helpful Prompts to Get You Into Action and Feeling Good Right Away
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    Your WORST Marketing Strategy (So You Know What to Stay Away From)
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    A List of Business Books That Speak Your Unique Language
  • A List of Entrepreneurs with Your Same Marketing Personality Type®
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    A Word-For-Word Copy of What We've Told You About Your Marketing Personality Type® So Far

AND we'll give you a heads up about where other ENFPs usually get stuck so you can avoid those pitfalls when putting your new strategy into action!

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