Your Best Marketing Strategy as an enfj

ENFJ-A/T based on the Myers-Briggs Framework

Your Best Marketing Strategy
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ENFJ Marketing Personality, ENFJ Personality
an opportunity to speak as a trusted mentor with your audience, moving them toward a desired outcome, not with strict how-to’s and commanding rules, but with thoughtful ques​tions and an inspiring air of wisdom.

See, as someone who intuitively senses and feels things deeply, you know what people need, even before they do. You also recognize your audience member will not experience lasting change unless they believe they can and then go out and make the change happen themselves.

With this, you naturally step into the mentoring role, guiding your audience member, without imposing. And because you tend to communicate best through verbal, spoken word and within direct conversation with the person trying to make a change, you’ll feel best speaking directly with your audience.

ENFJ Marketing Personality, ENFJ Personality
This matters because your power is realized when when you stand alongside your followers, inspiring them to do their best, and leading by example, and prompting them to take action for themselves. Your enthusiastic energy is often contagious. When you pair your enthusiasm with your vision for the future, you become unstoppable.

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    Your Best Social Media Strategy
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    Your Best Work Style
  • Recommendations for Business Books to Read
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