Why I Recommend Dubsado as the Ultimate CRM Tool

Dubsado is my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool of choice and has been for years, when it comes to managing and serving my clients and my podcast guests. 

For any small business owner who provides services, Dubsado is a great tool that will help them keep track of all their contacts, plus a whole host of other features, highlighted here.* 

*There are affiliate links in this blog post, noted by an asterisk.

Here are my favorite Dubsado* features:

Dubsado Client Projects

Within Dubsado’s Project tab, you can track exactly where your potential clients are in your sales process, as well as any other contacts you’d like to keep organized. Once you’re talking to more than two or three people about becoming clients, managing their information on paper, in Asana, or in your email inbox just doesn’t work anymore. You need something more robust. That’s where Dubsado* comes in. 

I can see anyone with multiple clients using and loving this Dubsado feature, especially ESTPs, who tend to be fielding lots of leads all at once. 

At this time in my business, I primarily keep track of who is interested in my 4-hour Intensive sessions and who has been scheduled for a podcast interview on the Marketing Personalities Podcast

Dubsado Workflows

Once you have your potential clients, current paying clients, and any other contacts added into your Dubsado* account, you can set up Workflows to manage the sales process, client experience, or any other human-centered process you have for them. 

The main benefit of using workflows is to keep any repeatable system that you have in your service-based business on track, running on time. It helps you, as the business owner, not forget key parts of your processes, and when done right, it keeps your client informed and happy.

I can see anyone aiming to support and serve their clients at a premium level using and loving this Dubsado feature, especially ISFJs and ESFJs

The main workflows I have set up in Dubsado are:

  • A sales process and client experience workflow to guide a client through a 4-hour Intensive session
  • A podcast guest experience workflow to guide a podcast guest through preparing for their interview and promoting their episode once it goes live

Here’s a look at my sales and client experience workflow for 4-hour Intensive sessions in Dubsado*:

Here’s a look at my podcast guest workflow in Dubsado*:

Dubsado Scheduler

While the Dubsado Scheduler is still in BETA mode at the time this post goes live (July 9, 2019), I’ve been using the feature for months now and have zero complaints. I switched from using Acuity Scheduling when I saw the Dubsado offered a Scheduler right within the system I was already using to manage my clients and I haven’t looked back since. 

I can see anyone with lots of client meetings on their calendar using and loving this Dubsado* feature, especially those in the Diplomat tribe [ INFJs INFPs ENFJs ENFPs ]. 

To use the Scheduler, simply create different appointment types you offer to your clients, prospects, and other contacts. Choose when you’d like to offer those appointments on your calendar. And then you can either link straight to the Dubsado Scheduler OR embed the Scheduler into your own webpage so your client can schedule their appointment for themselves. 

And because Dubsado also integrates with Quickbooks and other bookkeeping software, you can charge for an appointment automatically within the Scheduler and make sure you get paid for your time. 

Even More Dubsado Features

There are even more Dubsado Features, highlighted here,* like…

  • Lead Capture forms
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking

Plus, one of the things that made me a raving fan of Dubsado* from the get-go was their customer service. They are absolute geniuses at customer service, so if you ever have questions about the platform, you know you’ll be supported by their team of experienced, friendly support staff. 

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