Do I HAVE to do Instagram Stories?! and Answers to Your Other Burning Questions with Brit Kolo

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo answers your most common burning questions about Marketing Personality Types and what they mean for YOU as you navigate this crazy world of entrepreneurship.

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What’s YOUR Marketing Personality Type? Find Out Here!

What's your Marketing Personality Type? Find out here!

Do I HAVE to do Instagram Stories?! Episode Summary:

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast! I’m Brit Kolo and I’m here solocast style to answer your most common questions about Marketing Personality Types.

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Now, onto the questions and answers!

Q – Do you [Brit] “type” people easily? When you meet someone are you figuring out their personality type right away?

A – NO! I aim not assume anything about a person’s personality type until they willingly offer it to me. Sure, I can pick up on some clues they’re giving me and pinpoint that they prefer introversion to extraversion or judging to perceiving but even then, I’m not always correct in my pinpointing. Because let’s face it – how people present themselves isn’t always a true representation of their natural personality. So while someone might first appear to be more extraverted, that might be a facade. And I DEFINITELY never say someone is a specific type until they’ve openly told me exactly what their type is.

Q – Why do you use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator out of all the other personality assessments?

A – First, Myers-Briggs is somewhat of a “gold standard” when it comes to personality typing. It’s also widely used and widely known so it’s easy for me to talk about it and have most people be familiar with the framework without having to explain it too much.

Q – What’s going on when my type changes over time? Can that happen? Is it bad? Is it natural?

A – I get real deep into my answer within this episode so listen in for the full explanation of what might be happening here when your type “changes.” In short, we don’t always approach a personality assessment from a completely truthful stance. So if you’ve ever taken the Myers-Briggs type assessment and gotten a different result than you’ve most recently gotten, you could’ve taken one or both of the assessments from a skewed point on view.

I think personal experiences and major life changes can fundamentally change us as people too so I’m not ruling out the possibility of a true personality type change after a life-altering event.

What's your Marketing Personality Type? Find out here!

Other burning questions I answer in the episode are…

“Do I HAVE to do video since everyone says ‘video is king?’”

And, “Do I HAVE to be on Instagram?”

And, “Do I HAVE to do Instagram Stories?!”

My answers to those questions are in the episode. It’s time to listen in and get my real take on video and Instagram and really, all marketing tactics that make you squirm.
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Do I have to do Instagram Stories? and more Q&A on the Marketing Personalities Podcast with Brit Kolo