046 A Deep Dive with Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastWelcome to this entry of the Deep Dive Diaries – a series of articles, videos, and podcast episodes displaying the true power that happens within a Deep Dive Session with Brit Kolo.

As you might’ve guessed, within these sessions, we go deep. We dive into the core of who you are and work our way back up to the surface to align your marketing strategy with your core.

In this entry, we’ll dive in deep with Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group.

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About the Client:

Jordan is an Operations Consultant – a true master of all things systems, workflows, and high efficiency. She’s been building her premium-level consultancy over the past few years and has now developed a self-guided program called “Triple Threat” to guide its entrepreneurial student through automating and organizing their three biggest time sucks – their calendar, their social media marketing, and their email inbox.

About the Session:

Prior to every Deep Dive, I send a questionnaire for the client to complete. This questionnaire asks open-ended questions about how the client naturally shows up in their life, based on five key pillars:

  1. Personality type (according to the 16Personalities framework)
  2. How they spend their time
  3. Who influences them regularly
  4. Moments in time they remember fondly
  5. What motivates them

As soon as we connected for our Deep Dive Session, Jordan and I dove right into her answers to the questionnaire. We reviewed her answers openly and I asked a few more clarifying questions to both get to know the real Jordan better and for Jordan to get connected to her true self.

Through that conversation, we both began seeing strong patterns in Jordan’s life.

Overall, Jordan’s answers were thorough, thoughtful, and mind-blowingly consistent. This girl is the epitome of intentional. Being an operations consultant, she has a keen eye and desire to put things in order and make sense of complicated puzzles. Going deeper, we also found Jordan to have a genuine concern for others and a core desire to be in close relationship with those around her.

The Ah-Hah Moment:

As I connected those dots for her, Jordan realized that up until this point, she was primarily focusing on showing people how much time would be saved, while not showing them how that regained time could translate into more time spent with those they loved most.

And that’s where the real value in this program lies – in the close relationship it allows you to foster.

And for Jordan, knowing all we now know about her, it’s going to feel really good to show her potential customers how her program translates to closer, deeper relationships – something she appreciates and desires at her core!