Behind the Scenes of What’s Happening for Marketing Personalities in 2020

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo is giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect from Marketing Personalities in this new year and new decade! We’re talking exciting news about sponsorships, new resources, and our #1 IMPACT GOAL for the next 12 months.

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Behind the Scenes Episode Summary:

Welcome to our first episode of 2020! I’m Brit Kolo, the Founder of Marketing Personalities . com and your host. I’m here today to share with you what you can expect to see and receive from Marketing Personalities in 2020.

Because it’s a new year. And it’s a new decade. And while all of us are asking ourselves big, big questions like…

  • What do I want to accomplish in 2020?
  • What do I want to accomplish in the next decade?
  • What did I do in the last decade?
  • Where do I see myself in 5, 10, 20 years.

Ya know, those types of questions that even the people who don’t usually ask those types of questions are asking because it’s just a big freaking deal to be starting a new decade. Or at least, it has felt like that this time around.

So as we’re all asking those types of questions of ourselves and perhaps setting new expectations for ourselves as we go, I’d like to share with you what you can expect from Marketing Personalities – a brand that you may have been following for a while now or maybe you’re brand new around here.

Regardless, I want you to be in-the-know about what’s happening. So let’s dive into it.

First of all, if you happened upon this podcast, hoping to get some info about 2020 marketing trends and what to be ready for in the world of online marketing in this new year, go back to our most previous episode, released on December 26, 2019, number one hundred forty for those insights. And buckle up – that episode’s a doozy.

Now for some really exciting things that have transpired over the past few weeks that I know you’ll be interested getting an inside peek on –

In just a few weeks, you’ll begin hearing me speak about a digital course and membership platform I absolutely love – PODIA. Podia is now the official sponsor of the Marketing Personalities Podcast and I am SO freaking excited about this partnership because

  1. Podia is a platform I know so many of you could benefit from using. I wouldn’t share it with you if it wasn’t something I fully fullyyyy believed in.
  2. I’ve always loved Podia, from the day I met Len, their CMO, and then started using the platform in my own business. I’ve always appreciated how they run their business and tailor their platform with their customers in mind.
  3. This just feels like a super cool step for this podcast. I’ve been podcasting since June 1 of 2017. That’s over 2 and a half years ago now. And to be stepping into 2020 with an official sponsor that I believe in and love sharing with others… it just feels super cool to me and really impactful.

Another exciting thing on the docket for 2020 is that I’ve been planning out and developing some super helpful products and trainings for my current customers – those of you who’ve purchased your Marketing Personality Type Full Report. That Full Report holds so. Much. insight for you. It can help you on so many levels. And I’m excited to get even more resources into your hands in this next year so your best marketing strategies get put into play faster, with less effort, and more great energy around them so they can start churning out those results you’ve been aiming for.

So that’s all super exciting. And now for my main focus for 2020.

Because yes, the sponsorship is cool and the additional resources for current customers are exciting.

AND there’s something even bigger and better that will be my true main focus for the year 2020. That main focus is to connect 50,000 entrepreneurs with their Marketing Personality Types in the next 12 months. Period.

That is 50,000 entrepreneurs going to and finding out what their best marketing strategy is based on their personality type.

Now, let me be clear – I’m not talking about sales. I’m not focusing on making 50,000 sales in 2020. That’s neither here nor there for me. I’m talking about IMPACT. Impacting 50,000 entrepreneurs with this game-changing insight about what their best marketing strategy is based on their personality type.

Because Marketing Personalities’ greatest impact hinges on someone going to and being interested enough to want to know what their best marketing strategy is. I give this information away for free and it’s what makes all the difference in the world for the entrepreneurs who choose to access it.

I mean sure, I have products to sell them and so many other pieces of content that can help them out, but not until – NOT UNTIL – they go to and find out what their Marketing Personality Type is. If they DON’T at least do that, my content and products and consulting won’t help them even in the slightest. Everything – all of my impact – hinges on someone at least doing that one thing.

So that’s where my focus needs to be – connecting 50,000 entrepreneurs with their Marketing Personality Type in 2020.

Now let me frame this up for you a little bit. Because I mean, sure, that’s where my impact hinges but I could still choose to focus on something else in 2020 if I wanted to. So why did I choose to focus in on that one single connection point?

Let me take you back a bit in time so you can understand what’s brought me here, to today, to focus on this one thing.

In August of 2016, I quit my Marketing Director job to start a marketing agency.

In Spring of 2017, I began coaching and consulting with female business owners on how to market their businesses, phasing out my marketing agency-type work to fully focus on coaching. Around the same time, I launched the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast – the OG podcast that would eventually be rebranded to the podcast you’re listening to right now.

In the Spring of 2018, I’m coaching, podcasting, feeling okay about the results my clients are getting from the work we’re doing together, but then start noticing this pattern with a few of my clients. How one client is so excited to do a webinar series as part of her launch plan and another client completely deflates when I even mention the idea of a webinar series. And just overall, how some clients are naturally good at certain marketing tactics, while others are good at different marketing tactics. And eventually I realize these patterns are related to the client’s personality type.

I begin mapping out these patterns – what personality types are naturally good at what marketing tactics. I start testing this theory with clients and acquaintances. The patterns just continue to get stronger and stronger.

July 1, 2018 I launch where anyone can find what their best marketing strategy is, based on their personality type. And bonus, they can download their 20-ish-page Full Report for $9. Cool. New business, created, launched, let’s see what this thing does.

By November 2018, the writing’s on the wall – Marketing Personalities could go really far and impact a LOT of people in a super positive way if I allow it to.

January 1, 2019 I rebrand the podcast to the Marketing Personalities Podcast, I phase out my marketing coaching clients, and I go all-in on Marketing Personalities.

So if you’re tracking with me, this happened just one year ago. The rebrand, the all-in energy. What a freaking ride.

By Spring of 2019, I knew the Full Reports – my main signature product for this brand needed an overhaul. I had originally launched with a Minimum Viable Product back in 2018 and now it was time to revamp and make them way, way better.

September 1, 2019 I launched the Expanded Edition of the Full Reports. All 16 Reports went from about 20 pages to about 70 pages each and they now dive into so much more than they originally did, covering insights not just about your overall marketing strategy, but getting into the details of your content strategy, social media strategy, lead magnet strategy, approach to work, what softwares to use, what books to read, and even better marketing strategy mapping templates and examples.

Now, it’s January 2, 2020 and for the past few months, I’ve been giving myself time and space to discover what the next step is for this company and its loyal listeners, followers, subscribers, and customers.

Because now I have these Full Reports that can really go the distance. I mean, they’re so freaking valuable. I’m super totally biased, obviously, but I also know value when I see it and those things are packed with helpful insights and things to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, straight up. So I’ve got this great signature product after a year and a half in and I have wicked clarity around why this whole thing matters in the first place.

That’s one thing I will say has been here from the start. I always knew from the beginning that regardless of what I sold or how I sold it, the mission – the core – of this company is crystal clear to me and it’s fully 100% what I believe in. And that is “When I feel good, my audience feels good.” I know that’s capital-T truth. I know that when you surrender to who you really, really naturally are, you become unbelievably magnetic.

And if this company holds up a mirror and shows you, hey this is who you really, really naturally are and here’s how to apply it to your marketing strategy so your marketing can be unbelievably magnetic? Well, yeah, I’m alllllll in on that company.

So with reflecting on those two things – a crystal clear mission and a signature product that I know now can go the distance with me…

I realized that the best possible thing I can focus on now – now that I’ve invested a year and a half of my time into building this thing called Marketing Personalities – is to blow the doors wide open and welcome in 50,000 more entrepreneurs so it can impact their businesses like it has yours.

Because I don’t know if you realize this or not, but you’re very much an early adopter to the Marketing Personality Type framework. If you’re listening to this at the beginning of 2020, you are so ahead of the curve. You and me – we are groundddd levelllll with this thing. And our next step is to welcome more people into this framework and this way of approaching marketing. So they, too, can find marketing that feels good and become unbelievably magnetic.

That’s what I’m on mission to do, that’s what this company is on mission to do, and that’s my main focus for 2020.

Now for some of you Thinking Types out there, you’re itching for me to tell you HOW I propose I’m going to do that. How the heck am I going to connect 50,000 entrepreneurs with their best marketing strategy?

Let me give you the big-picture overview of the How, without getting too far in the weeds here.

#1 This should surprise literally no one – my How is rooted in what feels good to me. DUH. So with that said, this podcast will continue to be where my best and most essential content is shared. This podcast is where a great number of those 50,000 entrepreneurs will first find Marketing Personalities and get interested in finding their own Marketing Personality Type.

#2 Which is totally related to #1. If my best energy is going into my podcast content, I’m then asking questions about how I can leverage this podcast content elsewhere for bigger impact. So I’m constantly asking how I can share my podcast content in creative, engaging ways on other platforms I love to be on – Instagram, YouTube, emails with my subscribers, etc. That’ll be a crucial (and fun) thing to work through in 2020.

#3 I’ll be leveraging super smart, creative digital advertising, informed by people who are NOT ME! There are parts of the digital advertising angle that I absolutely love and am good at – like brainstorming creative assets to develop and thinking about what ads to show to whom, but there are also a ton of things about this angle that I want nothing to do with. SO I’m working with super smart, fun people who love the technical, super detail-oriented part of this tactic to make it work for the company.

Walkin’ my talk, people. Walkin’ my talk.

So that’s what’s happening. Main focus – 50,000 entrepreneurs. That’s where my head’s at and that’s where it’ll remain this entire year. Seriously.

To help me get a jumpstart on that effort, there’s one thing you can do right now to help me out. Super simple – would you please share this podcast with the fellow entrepreneurs in your network? Do this in a way that feels good for you. So extroverts who love Instagram, sharing it to your Stories with your stamp of approval on it would be AHmazing. Don’t forget to tag me @marketingpersonalities so I can personally thank you. And Introverts who’d rather just text the link to a friend or two, totally down for that too.

That would help me out so much in the very beginning of this effort and if you also believe in the mission we’re on here, which of course you are or else why’d you just listen to me blab on about it for an hour… sharing to your Instagram Stories or texting the link to a few friends is a super simple way to support the mission and belief that “When I feel good, my audience feels good.”

So hey, thanks for doing that. Big time appreciate it.

Now I’ll be back next week with an episode on how to approach your work based on your personality type – because, ya know, it’s a new year, you might be trying to make new habits, set new routines, go about things differently, maybe be a little smarter about how you invest your time. This episode is going to fuel that fire and give you some happy insights into how you can approach work so it feels good in 2020. Stay tuned for that, coming out next Thursday, January 9, 2020.

And as always, thank you for listening and getting in here on the ground level of this thing. It means the world to me. Talk to you next week!

Behind the Scenes of What's Happening for Marketing Personalities in 2020 on the Marketing Personalities Podcast hosted by Brit Kolo