Why I Recommend Active Campaign for Ultimate Email Marketing Automation

Ever since switching from Mailchimp to Active Campaign mid-2018, I’ve never looked back. I recommend Active Campaign for all Email Marketing needs, especially for small business owners who need that next level of segmentation, automation, and split testing the other email marketing providers don’t offer or overcomplicate. 

Active Campaign has a full suite of features, listed and explained here*, on their website. 

*There are affiliate links in this blog post, noted by an asterisk.

Here are my favorite Active Campaign features I use in my own Email Marketing Automation:

Automation Maps

Active Campaign* allows you to easily map the perfect email automations so you’re delivering the right message at the right time to the right subscriber. 

I can see these specific Marketing Personality Types absolutely LOVING the Automation Map feature within Active Campaign*:


The Marketing Personality Types I’ve listed are exceptionally skilled at developing smart sales funnels and the way Active Campaign* has developed Automation Maps is uniquely conducive to these Thinking types. 

As you develop your perfect digital sales funnel, you’ll need to ensure you’re delivering the right message at the right time. Automation Maps make sure you do this on auto-pilot, which is KEY because you’ve got bigger things to work on, innovate, and create. 

Link to gif from Active Campaign

Here’s more on the Automation Map feature by Active Campaign.

And these Automation Maps through Active Campaign are SO EASY to set up. I’ve been inside other Email Marketing tools like Infusionsoft and ConvertKit and from my perspective, they just don’t compare with Active Campaign in breadth of automation features AND ease of use. 

Contact Management and Ninja-Level Segmentation

Active Campaign* allows you to easily segment your subscriber list in as many ways as you need to. And this is coming from the Founder of a company based on SIXTEEN different types of people and then different groups within all sixteen of those types. If anyone is using Active Campaign’s ninja-level segmentation feature, it’s THIS GIRL. 

I can see ENTJs, ENTPs, and ENFJs especially appreciating the Contact Management and Segmentation abilities of Active Campaign. 

These types tend to have people finding their company and opting in to their free and paid offers from many different sources. Through smart contact management and segmentation, ENTJs, ENTPs, and ENFJs can keep everyone in their subscriber list organized, ensuring they receive the right message at the right time. 

Here’s more on how simple it is to segment your lists of subscribers.

Dynamic Content

Active Campaign allows you to add Dynamic Content to your email campaigns and automated emails.

Here’s what that means:

I can create just one email to send out to all of my subscribers, but since I’ve used Dynamic Content blocks, one subscriber will see one version of the email, while another subscriber will see a totally different version of that same email, all depending on how they’ve been segmented. 

This feature is difficult to explain in writing – believe me, I’ve been trying as I’m writing this blog post. So instead of telling, let me show you exactly how Dynamic Content works:

Marketing Personalities on YouTube

Now, you might not have as many segments to your subscriber list as I do. And you probably don’t need to speak to 16 different personality types every time you send a simple email campaign. Phew! Leave that craziness to me. 

But let’s say you want to let your subscriber list know about your big annual sale coming up. You could craft one email campaign to send out and show them the sale prices of only the products they’ve purchased before, aiming to get them to buy again. 

Or maybe you’re a service-provider and have some subscribers who are brand newbies and some who are seasoned pros. You could craft one email, but with two Dynamic Content boxes, speaking specifically to one or the other segment. 

Again, the point of Dynamic Content is to send the right message to the right person. As long as you’ve segmented your subscriber list properly, you’re ready to use Dynamic Content and get ready to level up your Email Marketing efficiency and effectiveness. 

Split Testing

Active Campaign allows you to test different versions of your Email Marketing communication easily with Split Testing. This feature is especially appealing to personality types who love to experiment with better ways of doing things. 

Looking at you, ISTPs, INTJs, and INTPs

You can basically test anything within your Email Marketing system with Active Campaign.

  • Email subject lines
  • Email content
  • Who the email is sent from
  • Images within your emails
  • Calls to action

If it’s part of your Email Marketing campaigns or automation sequences, it can be tested. And for these Marketing Personality Types – ISTP, INTJ, INTP – they know effectiveness comes from testing testing testing. 

And even better than simple A/B testing, you can test up to FIVE variations of one email at a time! 

I don’t have any Split Testing emails active right now to show you, but you can read more about the Split Testing feature from Active Campaign here

So Many More Features

I’ve listed my top favorite features and there are so many other features* you can dive into once you use Active Campaign for yourself. 

Don’t worry – while there are plenty of features, Active Campaign keeps things SIMPLE and EASY to implement. Plus, they have stellar support, in my experience. I recommend using their Chat Feature if you ever get stuck on something and their extensive library of Help Articles.

Want to Try Active Campaign Yourself for Free?

Click here to try Active Campaign for FREE for 14 days.* No credit card required. (Bananas, right?) You have nothing to lose. 

Try it out and feel free to let me know what you think of it! 

Common Question: But how do I switch from my current Email Marketing provider?

I hear you! You already have an email list over on a different Email Marketing software. Will it be too complicated to switch?

In my experience, it was SUPER easy to switch to Active Campaign from Mailchimp. You might have to rebuild your email automations, but again, it’s easy to do within Active Campaign. 

Plus, think about how much MORE you can do with a tool like Active Campaign as you continue to beef up your Email Marketing strategy and automate your entire digital sales funnel! 

Try Active Campaign Free for 14 Days

Click here to try Active Campaign out for 14 days,* totally free, no credit card required. 

Oh, and one more reason I love Active Campaign.

Active Campaign is “All for Small.” As a company, Active Campaign supports the growth of small businesses across the globe. They’re committed to helping us, as small businesses. Check out their article about this mission here and prepare to love them even more.