A Review of the Sentinel Tribe with Ashley Gartland

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo discusses the Sentinel tribe of personalities, including the types ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ, with Business Coach Ashley Gartland of AshleyMGartland.com.

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Podcast Episode: A Closer Look at the Sentinel Tribe on the Marketing Personalities Podcast

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A Review of the Sentinel Tribe with Ashley Gartland Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast! I’m Brit Kolo and I’m here today with Ashley Gartland, business coach at ashleymgartland.com.

Ashley and I are here to discuss the Sentinel tribe of personalities, which includes the types ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, and ESFJ. This tribe of personalities all share the same two letters of their personality type – the S and the J.

S stands for Sensing.

J stands for Judging.

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Before we dig into the specifics of the Sentinel tribe and Ashley’s personality type, though, let’s get to know Ashley first.

Ashley is a business coach for entrepreneurs craving a greater level of simplicity in business (and therefore, life). She hosts The Simplified Entrepreneur Facebook Group and that really says a lot about what Ashley does – she leads her own business in a simplified way and helps her members and her clients do the same.  

As we quickly find out in this episode, Ashley’s simplified way of doing things is clearly aligned with her personality type as an ISFJ and being a part of the Sentinel tribe.

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If you’re a Sentinel, these things are most likely true about you:

You’re order-driven, tending to appreciate order, security, stability, and practicality. You’re often great at being a part of a team, whether leading, curating, or being a solid member, because you know “teamwork makes the dream work.”

And because you appreciate order, you must start with organization. If things aren’t organized, you can quickly feel like you’re doing a poor job. With your appreciation for order and knack for organization, you love templates – both using them and creating them.

I was really curious to see how Ashley blends her preference for order and tradition with her reality of being an entrepreneur – something that’s typically nontraditional and sometimes pretty messy.

She met my curiosity with her own. She sees how she tends to like tradition and the way things are usually done in everyday life, and yet she chose to go completely against the grain right out of college and start her own business and she’s stuck to that for over a decade.

I’m curious to hear how other Sentinel entrepreneurs blend those two parts of themselves so if you have something to add to this conversation, message me on Instagram at @marketingpersonalities.

Digging deeper into Ashley’s specific type, ISFJ, she recognizes that creating community, connection, and collaboration are key parts to her feel-good marketing strategy. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work and while you might think bringing more people into the mix would complicate things for this simplified entrepreneur, it doesn’t because she’s a Sentinel. She’s organized her systems well so these joint efforts run smoothly.

And in contrast, what hasn’t felt aligned to her is offering services that detached her from her client or customer. While passive funnels and sales might work sometimes, she prefers offering high-touch services and offerings.

Now, to find Ashley online, go right here to AshleyMGartland.com/SimplifiedMarketingPlan and there, you’ll find her genius template for organizing your marketing tasks so you can actually get them completed consistently! Perfect for those of you who love templates!

And as a special bonus, Ashley and I have teamed up to offer a giveaway at the time this episode goes live on January 24, 2019.

Ashley is giving away two free coaching sessions to two entrepreneurs who are craving some simplicity in their business and life. To enter, take a screenshot of your podcast app right now, share the shot in you Instagram stories and tag both of us – @marketingpersonalities @ashleygartland .

And we’ll randomly select two winners on Friday, January 25th, 2019 at 5pm EST / 2pm PST.

And finally, to find a marketing strategy that feels good to YOU, visit MarketingPersonalities.com.

Thanks for tuning in!

A Review of the Sentinel Tribe of Marketing Personality Types - ISTJ ISFJ ESTJ ESFJ - with Business Coach, Ashley Gartland on the Marketing Personalities Podcast hosted by Brit Kolo