A Review of the Analyst Tribe with Andrea Layne

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo discusses the Analyst tribe of personalities, including the types INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP, with Andrea Layne of the Creative Spring. Andrea is an OBM and Integrator, a true master of business workflows and systems, and an ENTJ.

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A Review of the Analyst Tribe with Andrea Layne Episode Summary:

Welcome to the first official episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast! Wow! We’re here! I’m Brit Kolo and I’m here today with Andrea Layne, OBM and Integrator of the Creative Spring.

Andrea and I are here to discuss the Analyst tribe of personalities, which includes the types INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP. This tribe of personalities all share the same two “middle letters” of their personality type – the N and the T.

N stands for Intuitive.

T stands for Thinking.

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Before we dig into the specifics of the Analyst tribe and Andrea’s personality type, though, let’s get to know Andrea first.

Andrea is an Online Business Manager and Integrator for creative entrepreneurs who are serving customers online. She helps these entrepreneurs systemize their business so they can bring in more revenue. She’s a true workflow EXPERT!

Andrea didn’t start her professional career as an OBM and Integrator, but truthfully, she’s been doing systems and workflow work for over 20 years now, first in the corporate world, then systemizing her own floral design business, and then moving into The Creative Spring where she helps others with their workflows and systems.

As mentioned, Andrea is an ENTJ and therefore, a part of the Analyst tribe.

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I was really curious to see how Andrea, being that she’s both an N and a T – an intuitive and a thinker – how she blend those two aspect of her personality together. They tend to be at odds with each other so I was fascinated to see how she balances them.

Here’s how she described the balance:

How she naturally approaches a problem is by looking at the big picture, which is driven by her intuition and internal knowing. She then can think through deducing that big-picture situation into bite-size pieces, which then allows her to create a comprehensive strategy to solving the problem.

While people with personality types that include the S and the T – Sensing and Thinking – might start with all the details and build up to create the big picture, she starts from high above the ground WITH the big picture and deduces down from there.

This explanation of how the Analyst’s mind may work really blew my own mind!

Digging deeper into Andrea’s specific type, ENTJ, she recognizes that stepping in as the expert in her industry or craft is second nature to her. She’s always felt that to be easy and so she chooses to do that through personal conversations whether it be in person, through a Zoom call, an email, a Facebook group, or her favorite – Instagram direct messages!

And in contrast, what hasn’t felt aligned to her is the inauthenticity she feels when doing email marketing and impersonal blogging. This makes sense as it relates to her Marketing Personality Type. She’s just too dynamic AND person-oriented for these things to feel good.

Finally, when I asked Andrea to give a fellow Analyst her best advice, she encourages Analysts to explore how the best blend their OWN Intuitive and Thinking tendencies. Your real power comes in how you blend the two AND THEN (and this is super important) take action on your strategies you’ve created.

Such great advice!

Now, to find Andrea online, go right here to TheCreativeSpring.co/WORKFLOWS and there, you’ll find her latest free download that walks you through super smart Dubsado workflows.

This episode is NOT sponsored by Dubsado – Andrea and I just reeeeally love our Dubsado client relationship management systems!

You can find Dubsado right here (and yes, that link IS an affiliate link).

And finally, to find a marketing strategy that feels good to YOU, visit MarketingPersonalities.com.

Thanks for tuning in!

A Review of the Analyst tribe of Marketing Personality Types with Andrea Layne of The Creative Spring on the Marketing Personalities Podcast hosted by Brit Kolo