A New Content Strategy Framework, Based on Personality Type

In your Marketing Personality Type Full Report, you’ll find what your best content FORMAT will be, based on your personality type. Written word, audio, video, long-form, short-form, etc. That’s been so helpful to so many who’ve downloaded their Full Report. And now I’ve just uncovered something else—a NEW Content Strategy Framework based on personality type.  

I’ve discovered where you prefer to begin when developing a content strategy. This new content strategy framework answers the question, “How do I decide what to create content about?”

Because typically, there’s an endless number of topics to create content about, regardless of your industry, your expertise, your audience. Plus, you’re an entrepreneur, which means you’re rarely short on ideas. 

You’ve got all the ideas when it comes to content topics you could work with. The problem with content, though, is deciding which idea to run with. 

How do I decide what to create content about?

I came to this discovery of a new content strategy framework after being in my very own content rut for the past few weeks. 

I stopped podcasting at the end of March 2020 and decided I was going to write. No more audio—full switch to written word content. 

I gave myself the month of April to not publish anything new, thinking that month-long break would give me space to figure out a content strategy to move forward with. 

But I didn’t. I didn’t figure out a content strategy to move forward with. 

The entire month of April was fraught with all these internal hesitations. When “map out content strategy” was on my to-do list for the day, I’d procrastinate and conveniently not get to it. It felt too big. Too much to do in one sitting. And I let that be the excuse for why nothing ever got developed. 

But then the other day, I began considering whether or not I should let search engine optimization dictate what I write about. 

In the past, I recorded podcasts based on who I wanted to talk to. Seriously. It didn’t go much deeper than that. I thought, “Who do I want to sit down and speak with?” And the answer to that question dictated my content calendar—who I recorded a podcast episode with and subsequently, shared about on my blog and social media. 

An added bonus to running a podcast content calendar like this is that I had to stick to the plan I mapped out. I’d find someone who I’d want to interview, invite them to record, it’d be on my calendar, and whether I felt like recording that day or not, I’d record. My podcast producer would then edit the episode and BOOM. Like magic, I published something new every week for three years

So now, with podcasting out of the picture, not only is that initial question, “Who do I want to sit down and speak with?” no longer a valid place to start… I also feel I’ve lost accountability with my publishing schedule; there’s no longer a podcast producer who has a schedule of his own that I need to hand things off to. 

Then last week, frustrated with a lack of progress on this content strategy project and almost halfway through May, my content strategy was still a big fat question mark. 

So I began considering, “What if I build my content strategy based on SEO?”

Almost immediately, I thought, “Well that sounds like a very ‘Analyst Tribe way’ to go about it.

DING! lightbulb. 💡

OF COURSE this is going to be based on my personality type. DUH. How I decide what topics I write about could be based on my personality type! And with that intel, this could all become so. much. simpler. 

It would finally feel GOOD again, instead of feeling like an obligation. 

SIDE NOTE: If you’re new around here, we don’t believe in obligations or “shoulds” when it comes to marketing. They are nooooo bueno, dude. Read more about this here

So I began imagining how a person decides what their content needs to be about, based on their personality type. Here’s what I came up with.

A New Content Strategy Framework, Based on Personality Type 

Analyst Tribe


Begin with DATA. Ask questions like, 

  • What does the data tell me about what content is needed on my site and on the internet?
  • What keywords are my audience members searching for?
  • Where is my site weak when it comes to search engine optimization?
  • What content pieces have worked best in the past and how can I replicate or build off that momentum?
  • What’s trending?

Diplomat Tribe


Begin with FEELINGS. Ask questions like, 

  • What do I feel like creating this week or month?
  • What feels like it’s coming through, wanting to be published?
  • What topic keeps coming up in my life that I can’t ignore anymore?
  • What feels most important to me right now?
  • What topic feels most enjoyable to create content around?

Sentinel Tribe


Begin with PEOPLE. Ask questions like, 

  • What questions are my audience members asking?
  • What do my audience members want to hear from me?
  • What are other people posting about right now that I have an opinion on?
  • What does my audience need?

One caveat here for the Sentinel Tribe. It’s okay to be asking yourself what content your audience wants to get from you if, and only if, you’ve first asked yourself what kind of content YOU want to create. YOU matter more than your ideal client avatar. Read more about this concept here.

Explorer Tribe


Begin with RIGHT NOW. Ask questions like, 

  • What’s happening right now, today, that I can share about?
  • What do I genuinely want to share today?
  • What might I discover today that I can then share with my audience?

So interesting, right?

As I realized these four distinct perspectives, based on personality tribe, it became blatantly obvious why I’ve felt so stuck with my content lately. 

In my mind, as I was considering how I should create my content strategy moving forward, I was trying to be everyone all at once


When I’m being really real with myself, all of those questions I listed for all four tribes – they were ALL going through my head as I was thinking about my potential content strategy. To the point where my mind would cycle through those questions so quickly that I just felt defeated. Like there was no possible solution to this conundrum so I should just stop trying to figure it out. 

In my mind, I was cycling between…

What do I feel like writing about this week? 
What topic feels really important to me right now? 
Well, but then what’s important to my audience members right now? 
And since I have all sixteen types in my audience, what does an INFJ want to learn about? 
And what does an ESFP want to learn about?
That got complicated quickly. 
Maybe I should just go back to basics and start with SEO. 
What could I write about that could get some SEO traction quickly? 
What’s trending? 
Oof that’ll take some serious research. 
Maybe I should just share what’s happening today and figure this all out tomorrow. 
But today’s so boring. My day’s are always quite boring, really. 
So maybe I should just figure out what I feel like writing about this week. 

Can you say CRAZY-MAKING?!

Oh my gosh. Just typing all that out makes me laugh out loud. It never ceases to amaze me how out of control my mind can get – and how QUICKLY. I mean, that cycle of thoughts took my mind maybe 14 seconds to work through. 

And boom. I’m right back here at the beginning, still unsure where to start with my content and ultimately NOT writing or publishing anything. 

Which, for a few weeks, was okay with me. I figured maybe I just need a break from publishing new stuff. The right thing will come through when it’s supposed to. 

But now, after about a month and a half of very little content published and no content strategy mapped out, I’m bothered by this cycle of thoughts

I’m bothered by it because there are SO MANY things I could write about that could seriously, genuinely help you out, as my reader. And my unwillingness to control my mind and get over this content rut is not only hurting me. It’s hurting YOU at this point. 


So, using the new content strategy framework I came up with, I’ll be building my content strategy primarily based on what I feel like is trying to come through me because I’m an ENFJ and part of the Diplomat Tribe. My best content has always been that. Always! That’s how Marketing Personalities was born in the first place—I swear it was birthed through me, not by me. Why would my weekly content be any different?

And to support my secondary Thinking Type tendencies, I’ll throw in a little SEO research when I want to. Not every time, like it’s a rule or something. Yuck. No. But when I want to play with SEO, because, yes, sometimes my Thinking tendency becomes stronger than my Feeling and I just want to dive into the data, I will. 

Now, with that declared and out here for the world to see, (thanks, accountability, my old friend) I’m going to get to work, mapping out my content strategy based on that. Based on how I’m naturally wired.  

That feels good. 

I encourage you to do the same.

And remember—check your Marketing Personality Type Full Report for your best content FORMAT. That’s a crucial piece of this puzzle too!

  • I am a Diplomat who really resonated with the Explorer questions. Thanks for questions…curious how to get ahead of content when our tenacity is more real time. …hmmm

    • Interesting, Latosha. Since you’re a Diplomat, drawn to another Tribe’s questions, I’m curious what about those Explorer Tribe questions resonates with you. What’s underneath them that feels right to you? What about your current reality aligns with those questions? Ultimately, we want to make sure you’re being drawn to those questions because it’s truly how you’re wired and what you deeply prefer, rather than simply what sounds good to you today or in this moment.

      And if you DO move forward with the Explorer Tribe questions, that’s the kicker about Explorers—they don’t want to plan ahead and they resist strategy. They’d rather do things off the cuff without a plan. That’s when they’re their best, truly. The one thing an Explorer may do to “get ahead” of their content a bit is to make a mega list of all their content ideas, add to it whenever they have a new idea, and then when they get to a day where they’re unsure of what content to share, they can go to that mega list and find something that looks fun and enjoyable to share about.

      • Maybe it’s really the “P” in the Explorer Tribe?
        I’m a ISFJ. I must admit that my first thought was “begin with feelings”. But after reading deeply I totally get that what me actually gets me to writing are the feelings of people – not my own as in the diplomat tribe. Now I think the best idea is to begin with people (Sentinel) and their feelings (F).
        Maybe it’s the same for you? Perhaps the most important questions from the Diplomat Tribe for you is “What feels most important to me right now?”

        • Great insight here, Andrea! I fully agree with your conclusion on your content strategy approach as an ISFJ. That feels aligned.

          And I love how you’ve married the two perspectives a bit to possibly find a happy middle between being an intuitive-feeling INFJ and wanting to share what’s happening right now, like an Explorer.

  • Interesting, Brit. When I took the quiz, I was a Protagonist from the Diplomatic Tribe and when creating content, I do let my feelings dictate what I do. Spot on!

    • Beautiful! I’m glad to hear you’ve already, intuitively tapped into that which feels good and right to you.

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