5 Lies About Lead Magnets You Can Just Stop Believing

Lead magnets. Opt-ins. Freebies.

Whatever you want to call them, they might be a necessary piece of your marketing strategy. By offering a great lead magnet, your ideal customer will give you their email address in order to get the thing you’re offering as a lead magnet. More on how this works right here


Well, almost. They don’t give you money for a lead magnet, but they get that much closer to being a paying customer because now you can communicate with them via email.

*Almost Cha-Ching!*

The problem with lead magnets, though, is there are a few lies out there about them that keep people (maybe you) from doing them right.

Before we get into HOW to create a great lead magnet that earns you paying customers (which I’ll teach you in this training) we’ve got to get on the same page about them.

Here are 5 Lies About Lead Magnets you can just go ahead and stop believing from here on out.

Lie #1 – A lead magnet is a PDF download.

Truth #1 – A lead magnet could be a PDF download. It could also be a number of others things. Let’s drop the idea that a lead magnet means “PDF download” and start thinking outside the box a little here.

Click here to grab a free list of these 15 Lead Magnet Formats. And no, not a single one is a PDF download.

Lie #2 – The size of your list matters most.

Truth #2 – The QUALITY of your list matters most.

You could have 10,000 people on your list. You could have 1,000 people on your list. You could have 100. You could have 10. It doesn’t matter.

What actually matters is how many of the people on your list are willing to pay you money.

How can you gauge the quality of your list (aka how willing your subscribers are to investing money into your offerings)?

By checking your open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates. The higher these numbers increase, the higher the quality of the list.

Why? Because an engaged list – one that opens your emails, clicks through, and replies – is one ready and willing to buy from you.

Lie #3 – You only need one good lead magnet to do the job.

Truth #3 – I found the sweet spot to be TWO good lead magnets. If you’d like to see what those two can be for your business, I’ll show you in this 1-hour training.

Lie #4 – Lead magnets are “set-it-and-forget-it.”

Truth #4 – Sometimes lead magnets are set-it-and-forget-it, but usually these take some time and experimentation to find one or two that work really well. Again, don’t worry – this 1-hour training will help quicken the learning curve so you’re not guessing and wasting time for too long.

Lie #5 – Once you have someone’s email address, you HAVE to email them every week with new content.

Truth #5 – Once you have someone’s email address, it’s a good idea to deliver exactly what you promised to deliver them in exchange for their email address. If you promised a weekly email with new content, well then, deliver that. If you promised something else, deliver that something else. The key here is to take the pressure away from the longer-term strategy, at least for the time being, so you can create the lead magnet(s) that’ll work best for your business.

Once we have your lead magnets up and running (and producing qualified leads for your business), we’ll talk about a longer content strategy in this other training in October.

So now, loosen that grip on the Lead Magnet Rule Book and all these lies and listen in to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast:

Lead Magnet Ideas Based on Your Marketing Personality Type

Lead Magnet Ideas based on your marketing personality type with Vanessa Ryan on the Marketing Personalities Podcast, hosted by Brit Kolo

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