4 Warning Signs You Need to Change Your Marketing Strategy

We’re constantly inundated with marketing strategy ideas, aren’t we? Every podcast we listen to, every new launch a fellow entrepreneur hosts, every blog post and ad campaign we read, every webinar and conference we attend, we’re hit with yet more and more marketing strategy ideas.
And they’re good. Most of them make complete sense and are super attractive.
I mean, you just heard about this entrepreneur who found the right Facebook ad strategy and BOOM they hit a million dollars this year.
And there’s this entrepreneur you follow on Instagram who just started a podcast and WOW her audience is just on fire for her.
Oh, and don’t forget about that webinar that showed you how to show up on Instagram authentically because it seemed like those who do have thousands and thousands of followers and are just raking in the cash.
And SEO strategies and hosting live events and hosting virtual events and traditional networking and Pinterest strategies and and and and and and and and…
You’ve done a great job til now not getting too sidetracked with the latest and greatest marketing strategy ideas.

But you’re also wondering when things are going to finally turn around. When you’ll hit that famous “tipping point” people talk about.

Should you stay the course with your current marketing strategy? Or should you change things up for even greater income (and profits)?

I’ve got an answer for you… and it might surprise you.

See, my advice isn’t going to be related to data or numbers or spreadsheets. And it’s definitely not related to what other people in your industry are doing or what your ideal customer wants from you.
Because your best marketing strategy can’t grow from those things – data, numbers, spreadsheets, your competitors, not even your ideal customer.
Your best marketing strategy is grounded within you – what feels natural and good for you to implement. That’s when the magic happens.

So here are 4 Warning Signs You Need to Change Your Marketing Strategy

Do any apply to you?
  1. You believe you’re just not cut out for marketing. Marketing is something others can do well but you’re just not the right kind of person for it.
  2. You don’t feel like yourself when you’re trying to market your business. You feel fake and inauthentic.
  3. You feel salesy and/or you’re super scared of being salesy when marketing your products or services.
  4. You’re getting clients and customers, they’re paying you, BUT they’re the wrong people. You don’t love your clients.
If any of these warning signs are happening within you and your business right now, it’s officially time to change your marketing strategy.

But how?

It’s simple. If any or all of these warning signs are happening for you right now, it can be fixed by utilizing your Marketing Personality Type, found right here at MarketingPersonalities.com.
See, we’ve figured out exactly what your best marketing strategy will include based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type. This best marketing strategy will feel good to implement – not fake and salesy and inauthentic – and it’s built to bring the right clients and customers to your business.
Sound too good to be true?
It’s not!

The truth is, we’re all different and therefore, different marketing strategies are going to feel good and work for different people.

And before MarketingPersonalities.com existed, you’d have to try out a bunch of different marketing strategies in hopes of finding one that really worked for you. Can you say, “Waste of tiiiime?
Now it’s much, much simpler. You just have to go to MarketingPersonalities.com, select your personality type, and we’ll tell you exactly what tactics your best marketing strategy includes so you can begin implementing them right away.
Say goodbye to alllllll the marketing strategy ideas and never wonder if you’re doing the right marketing again.
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